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Video Madness: Diner of the Living Dead (Friday’s Skit)

From episode 3 of Friday’s – 1980 – This clip was banned after showing. In fact, I don’t remember this episode ever airing again. Times sure have changed with TV shows like “The Walking Dead”. Better for us!

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More from Wikipedia
“Diner of the Living Dead”[1] – In this parody of the famed zombie films of George Romero, a married couple (played by John Roarke and Maryedith Burrell) visits a diner run by and catering to zombies. There is an assortment of macabre dishes based on human body parts advertised on the walls (such as “Elbow Soup,” “Buttered Fingers,” “Belly Burger,” and “Hand Sandwiches”) and zombies are seen eating human flesh and using a chainsaw to slaughter a living human (played by Mark Blankfield) who screams for help in the diner’s kitchen. Because of the skit’s depiction of extreme violence, gore and cannibalism, an apology was made on the following week’s show by Melanie Chartoff (who played a zombie waitress in the sketch). The skit was so offensive that six ABC affiliates stopped airing Fridays. ABC affiliates that didn’t pull the show from their schedule (and episodes that aired on the cable channel USA in reruns) merely re-aired the episode with the “Diner of the Living Dead” skit removed.

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