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Vampire Diaries: A Fan’s re-Cap

(Note: This article contains spoilers for the show.)

And scene! The premiere season of the CW network’s “Vampire Diaries” came to a close this past Thursday. According to a press release from the CW, 3.48 million fans witnessed the Mystic Fall’s gang come thisclose to biting the dust.

Needless to say Kevin Williamson and co. are smiling from ear to ear. They not only delivered plenty of fans to their home network but also left the show with many ooo’s and ahh’s and wtf’s?

Vampire Diaries” is based on book saga written by L.J. Smith that began in the 1990’s. The books already had fans when it was adapted for television. The book fans were a bit hesitant to allow their vampire love triangle to get turned into a show. Comments and blogs flooded web sites stating fears that the true story would not get justice. It would simply become another stereotypical vampire love story.

“Twilight” was the prime example of the concerns of many fans but, it was that story that actually allowed “Vampire Diaries” to come front and center. Even Ian Somerhalder, who plays rebellious brother Damon Salvatore, admits that the story of Bella and Edward helped the show to see the light of day. Aside from this detail, “Diaries” is its own monster and has left its bite in the television world.

For those who have been living under a rock, “Diaries” follows a tragic heroine named Elena Gilbert who lives with her brother, Jeremy, and an aunt in a fictional historical town called Mystic Falls. She meets two vampire brothers and ends up falling in love with the “good one,” Stefan Salvatore. His big brother Damon is the resident bad ass and is searching for his long lost love, Katharine, who mysteriously looks exactly like Elena and is their vampire maker.

The season takes the audience through winding roads with a lot of holy cows and crazy reveals. Nothing was ever as it seemed and deep, dark secrets were an understatement. The last few episodes brought forth answers about Elena’s true birth parents and a plan concocted by old vampires, trapped in a tomb, to take back their town. But the biggest bomb dropped in the season finale. Elena and Damon making out on her front porch? Really? Of course, some fans were ecstatic while others were a bit perplexed. But, boy oh boy were they hit with a doozie. Elena walks inside, gives uncle/daddy John a strange look, cuts off his fingers and proceeds to kill him. Now, Elena Gilbert is not exactly the murdering type so what gives?

Boom goes the bomb! Elena is not Elena. Instead MIA vamptress Katharine has decided to grace the town with her presence. I’m sure that blew quite a few minds, mine included. A few comrades were lost along the way that includes a werewolf mayor, Anna who was Jeremy’s girlfriend, and Uncle John. Even Jeremy attempted to off himself seeing as he downed a tube of vamp blood and quite a few pills. Deaths are not a problem in the “Diaries” world. It’s almost a given that people must die including characters fans have grown to love (Anna anyone?).

The finale served as a jump starter into next season and has opened the door to many more deaths, deceptions, and evil goodness that leaves me salivating for more. Season 1 was truly a success showing that a little vampire loving can go a long way. Season 2 is due to start up in a few months. Fans will be patiently waiting for the answers the finale left, along with many more that will surely pop up. The Mystic Falls gang has endured quite a bit but, I have a feeling that was only a glimpse of the hell that’s about to fall upon our tragic heroes. And I, along with every other fan plan on being there every step of the way.

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