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Femme Fatales First Edition – Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

Hey freaks and minx!

I am SO stoked to bring you guys this as I think you are going to love something a little different. I have asked a few outstanding female writers to take a serial killer that I had chosen for them and write a biography about them and their crimes but doing it completely in first person. This is giving you guys a chance to meet some fantastic new writers as well as find out about some of the most disturbed fem fatales in history that you may not know ever existed. This first edition I wrote about Darya Saltykova to try and introduce you to what we are doing and I hope you will come back and check out all t=of the great works by these women.
These are all real stories written by some of the best. I know you will enjoy them. So without further ado, I introduce Dai Of The Dead – Femme Fatales First Edition – Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

My name is Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova and this is my story.
I was born in the year of our Lord 1730 to a wealth family in Moscow, Russia. As many girls in my time would do, I married young into the family of Saltykov where I enjoyed the spoils of a charmed and important life. Sadly, I became a widow at the supple age of 26 yet the enormous fortune I inherited from his estate ensured I would not lose any of my comforts to which I had many.

I was not the prettiest of women but I was fair, I did not have the charm that most would expect of one who would be as important as I, I didn’t have suitors knocking down my door to proclaim their undying love for me but I didn’t need any of that anyway. I had friends and the type of friends a woman of my nature enjoyed to maintain. They were in control of the land and I am one who knows what it is like to love being in control.

After some time alone with my two sons on my estate, I turned my rage into a weapon against the people who could not retaliate. I took much pleasure in the torture and killings of my young servant girls. Some people said I was jealous of them and their youth, some people said I was just a crazy woman, but my reasons for causing their pain was much deeper and more sinister than even the smartest of theorists could have imagined and I will keep my reasons with me here in my grave. My girls were beaten, burned, and cut until they died from their wounds or I grew tired of my “toy” and killed her off. In total, I had over 136 victims.

People complained about my treatment of my slaves and the suspicious manners of which they met their demise but each time they went to the royal court, the court sided with me and often punished those who couldn’t hold their tongue. See, I told you I had friends in high places. It wasn’t until the families of some of my victims banded together and took a petition to Empress Catherine II that I started to be investigated. I was arrested and imprisoned while they investigated what dark secrets I held behind the walls of my estate. It took them six long years to come up with enough evidence to convict me but they only had enough proof for 38 of my crimes. When you think about it, I got away with murder almost one hundred times.

The death penalty had been abolished in Russia slightly before my murders had come to light so the Empress gave me a different type of a sentence. I was chained into the middle square of my town with a sign around my neck that read ‘THIS WOMAN HAS TORTURED AND MURDERED” for one hour as the towns people gathered to gawk. This was supposed to humiliate me but it did not for I had taken the lives of so many and was allowed to keep my own. I thought I had won.

I may be imprisoned but they couldn’t take my life. My ego, a little bruised but still intact, was demolished when I was taken to my final imprisonment. I was put in the basement of Moscow’s Ivanovsky Convent where I was left to the mercy of the Khlysts Nuns. In a strange and ironic twist of events, I spent the last 33 years of my life being tortured by those who most would never expect to act in such a manner, just like I had.. Some say I got what I deserved, some say I should have been put to death in the most terrible ways, but no matter what people believe about the end of my life they can’t deny this one thing. No matter what end I met, my crimes and therefore I, will live forever.

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova 1730-1801


  1. I hail you, Dai, as one of the “top women in the horror”.


  2. Thank you, doll :) I am just a nerd chick who likes this stuff. <3


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