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Top 60 Disturbing Horror Music Videos of All Time – Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd section of our “Top 60 Disturbing Horror Music Videos of All Time“. These music videos were selected with a variety of criteria. Though most were selected with some degree of horror content as its basis. Some may fall into a darker more disturbing category that takes things farther than just campy. We of course are open to suggestions on others worth adding, so feel free to comment them below.

Note: Most descriptions on this page were extracted from the videos, wikipedia and related materials addressing the songs to provide some basis of background for these.

11- NIN – Happiness In Slavery

The music video for “Happiness in Slavery”, directed by Jon Reiss, was inspired by the 1899 novel The Torture Garden by French author Octave Mirbeau. It features performance artist Bob Flanagan entering a large room, placing a flower and a candle on an altar and in a ritualistic style prepares for something; by stripping naked and washing himself before becoming strapped into a machine with long robotic claws that arise from the machine and subsequently tear apart his skin and impale his hands. The man reacts with pleasure as this occurs. There are also drills that drill into his skin in various places letting his blood drip onto the floor beneath, where there is a garden apparently being fertilized by human blood.

Nine Inch Nails- Happiness In Slavery (Uncensored) (1992) from rogerspy on Vimeo.

12- Rammstein – Mein Teil

The video for “Mein Teil” was directed by Zoran Bihac. It shows a Christoph “Doom” Schneider being cross-dressed as Armin Meiwes’s mother, Till being fellated by an angel (played by Luciana Regina) before he eats her wings and kills her; “Flake” performing ballet in a hallucinatory state; Paul shaking, screaming violently and wandering around the set in a frantic and crazed state; Richard violently fighting with his doppelgänger

13- Primal Scream – Miss Lucifer

Taken from the 2002 album, Evil Heat. Tracks, ‘Miss Lucifer’, three non-LP tracks, ‘Miss Lucifer’ (Panther Girl), ‘Miss Lucifer’ (Hip To Hip) & ‘Miss Lucifer’ (Bone To Bone) & the video to the title track.

14- Cradle of Filth – Born in a Burial Gown

This song is about the coming of an apocalyptic woman. She comes on Walpurgis Night, a Pagan Sabbath. She is a dark goddess who comes to start the war of good and evil.

15- Christina Aguilera – Fighter

In case your wondering, yep this is another Floria Sigimondi creation. Christina Aguilera is transformed into a black widow that seems to have fun with her unique surroundings.

16- NIN – Closer

One of the most noted of the bunch. This video is closer to surreal than horror, but it does instill a stylistic eeriness not seen in other videos. It largely been seen in its rated version, though either or its look and composition is art in itself.

17- Rihanna – Disturbia

The music video for “Disturbia” was filmed in Los Angeles, California.[51] Originally, it was reported that the video was directed by American photographer and director, David LaChapelle, who previously directed Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty” (2002) and Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl” (2004).[51] However, later sources surfaced stating that the video was directed by Rihanna’s long collaborator Anthony Mandler, who previously directed her music videos for “Shut Up and Drive” (2007), “Hate That I Love You” (2007) and “Take a Bow” (2008).

18- Tool – Stinkfist

The music video for “Stinkfist” was created with stop-motion animation techniques, and was directed by the band’s guitarist Adam Jones (who had previous experience in art direction and animation). The video begins with a shot of an empty jar, electrical currents and a television screen covered in dust with the album cover “Smoke Box” appearing on it. It focuses on two members, one male and one female, of a race of sand people. They suck on tubes and swallow nails and wires that apparently hurt them and are ejected from their bodies, after which they are put into the jars and treasured

19- Health – We Are Water

As far as music videos go, it’s hard to get much darker than “We are Water”. The HEALTH track features a young woman running away from a potential rapist/murderer in wintry woods at night. Director Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) put the whole clip slow-motion, letting each step be fraught with tension down to the bitter end.

20- Behemoth – Ov Fire and the Void

The video for Ov Fire and the Void was filmed by Grupa 13 in Wrocław, Poland and was directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz. Both parties had previously worked on the video for At The Left Hand Ov God. Behemoth began working on the project in early July 2009 and they aimed to have its premiere in late July / early August, just preceding the release of Evangelion.

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  1. #18 is not Tool, it’s Lady Gaga.


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