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Priest: San Diego Comic Con 2010

While promoting Priest in 3D during the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, Dread Central had the chance to talk exclusively with director Scott Stewart (Legion) on what drew him to the story of Priest, collaborating with Priest creator Hyung Min-woo, and why he decided to do post-filming conversion of the project into 3D.

I am really proud of this movie and proud to be at Comic-Con with Priest,” explained Stewart. “It’s definitely a much different movie than Legion was. It’s a broader story in terms of the scope of the action and the world the story takes place in. I fell in love with this story about a man who has to rescue someone he loves and has to face his own personal demons beyond the threat of vampires while doing it. It resonated with me.”

I spoke to Stewart about how much of the graphic novel fans will get to experience once Priest in 3D heads to theaters in May 2011.

Stewart said, “I was familiar with Hyung Min-woo’s work on the Priest graphic novels before I got on board the project. I had read the first few books but didn’t get to finish them all because there are 16 of them. But the thing about the series is that there’s really no resolution at the end of the 16th volume so the world is wide open.”

“Then, when I read Cory Goodman’s script, it blew me away. He distilled a lot of the elements that were in Min-woo’s books and then added some of his own touches to this world. I describe the film as a true collaboration between Cory, Min-woo and myself where we all brought our own fish to fry, so to speak. I think fans of the graphic novels will see a lot of the elements that they love from those pages as well as some new ideas that clearly pay homage to Min-woo’s original vision of Priest,” Stewart added.

Priest becoming a film also sparked the creative fire for Min-woo, who hadn’t written about Priest in a very long time. Stewart explained how the magic of the film project inspired the artist to create a whole new Priest story tying his novels to the big-screen adaptation.

Source: Dreadcentral

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