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Film Review: Judith: The Night She Stayed Home (short film) (2010)

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TRICK-OR-TREAT! It’s Halloween day in the quiet rural community of Haddonfield, Illinois. Judith Myers and her best friend D’arcy Mims are planning a Halloween night camp out at The Myers House with their friends. Judith is trying to forget the growing tensions in her family and wants to immerse herself in a carefree celebration, but her reclusive brother’s presence casts an ominous shadow over their cheerful preparations.

This short film breaths life into an often overlooked character from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN – Judith Myers may have only had a short appearance in the classic film, but she nevertheless played a crucial role in the forming of the Michael Myers story. Director Josh Hasty (A Mannequin in Static) and writer Kenny Caperton (the creator of The Myers House NC) join forces to reinvent a classic character in an original new story.


Josh Hasty who brought you the feature film “A Mannequin in Static” takes a new turn at a short film based on the ever popular “Halloween” legacy. His premise revolves around Michael at an early age and his sister at the time “Judith”. A new perspective gives tribute to the Myers household which includes the already in process decline of Michael as an evil force in training. Though Michael takes a backseat to the tale of his sister who is in her teen prime prepping to enjoy the times with local friends. Michael remains reclusive creating artwork and psychological material forms of expression.

Ana Gilmore makes another appearance from Josh Hasty’s “A mannequin in static” as the lovely D’arcy Mims, though taking the lead as Judith, the film features Sarah Stephenson in what I’m assuming to be her debut appearance. A few thing were apparent to me right from the start. One, Josh has a firm grab on Carpenter’s style often using similar eerie POV shots that use the audiences perspective to simulate that which might be coming from Michael or an unknown viewer.

Also the usage of Carpenter styled music adds the final touches to bring this piece alive and give it that eerie relationship to the Halloween film. The main premise I got from this is the events on the night leading up to Michaels murder of his older sister. In the final act, Michael dons his clown mask and executes his actions from he perspective of 2 eyes viewing the world thru the portals of a plastic viewpoint. Hasty succeeds again with a short that adds a nice touch to the Halloween legacy. Well executed cinema for fans of Halloween.

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