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From the Nightshift: Top 12 Horror Christmas Classics

The Christmas Season is known for good will to all men and for giving of yourself. Thankfully for the Horror Fan it also means giving until it hurts (and in these cases it is hurting someone else). If you are tired of seeing that same old Christmas special again here is a list of movies (in no real order) that may keep the sugar away and the chills near by. Grab some wine and sit down with this “classics” when the relatives become too ghastly. There should be enough murdering here to keep you from acting out on the family:


1) Tales from the Crypt 1972 (The section of the movie with a mad man in a Santa Suit trying to kill a murdering housewife).
2) Nightmare Before Christmas.
3) Silent Night Deadly Night 1-5
4) The Grinch stole Christmas (original, I mean come on Boris Karoff for god sake, you have to love it).
5) Black Christmas (1974,2006)
6) Santa Slay
7) Silent Night Bloody Night
8) Don’t Open Until Christmas
9) Jack Frost
10) Santa Claws
11) Gremlins
12) Christmas Evil

And of course we shouldn’t forget The Christmas Carol, it has ghosts and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come can be pretty scary.

I will be alone with some plum pudding, some hot wine to take the chill off and enjoy some Christmas Horror to last all through the night. Merry Christmas and Sweet Dreams.

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