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Zombie Drugs: Nothing Kills A Buzz Like A Zombie Attack!

The key to every drug lord’s game is supplying the best drugs at the lowest prices and Sebastian is convinced that he is capable of doing so. By creating the perfect concoction of a variety of drugs, Sebastian believes he is on the path to a life of wealth and ease that always allows him to remain heavy under the influence of his own intoxication. Protagonist Vinny is otherwise convinced about the low balling drug game and needs to break it to Sebastian that he is reconsidering the lifestyle they have become accustomed to. But when Sebastian enlists the help from Melissa, Vinny feels compelled to stick around after his chance encounter of seeing her. Concocting the ultimate burnout’s dream the creation of Zombie Drugs takes Vinny on a ride that he, nor the rest of the world, is prepared for. Confused with the idea of imagination and reality, one time friends and customers take on a peculiar and unfamiliar form while the users of ‘Zombie Drug’ take another and more literal form.

Described as “Spun” meets “Pineapple Express” with zombies. Zombie Drugs is a hilarious comedy that mixes outlandish behavior with classic horror scares and has been receiving some outstanding feedback from a few people in the industry. It was shot with the Canon 5D in full HD.


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