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Serial Killers: Gerald Parker

White Women Beware

There is nothing wrong with interracial couples at all. You might want to watch it though when your big black boyfriend wants to rape and kill you one night. Just something that you might want to ponder about if your boyfriends name is Gerald Parker.

Our dear Mr. Parker killed five white women and one unborn fetus in the orange county area in the 70’s. Well a little backgorund on this dark skinned brother, he just happened to be in the airforce at the time of his infamous murders.

Parker’s weapon of choice was any large object around that he could grab after he raped the women. He would bludgen them to death after he was finished defacing the women. He almost got away with it though if it wasn’t for DNA coming into the picture.

It wouldn’t be until after he raped a 13 year old girl in Mississippi. He would make the mistake of raping and killing women around the bases that he would be stationed at. When he would arrive to the base the raping and killings would start and once he left they would end.

He would somewhat taunt the police in a way because when they first suspected him DNA was not an option.

Because of the way he would rape and kill the women he was coined the nickname the “Bedroom Basher”.

Parker thought he was in the clear when Kevin Greene a husband of one of Parker’s victims was convicted of assaulting her. But when DNA proved that he Parker was the real assualter he was let go.

After this incident with Dianne D’Aiello Green’s ex-wife she actually claimed that both of them assualted her. This statement was never investigated due to the Double Jeopordy Law.

Whne DNA findings came out Parker would confess to everything he had done. No one is quite sure why he confessed.
His sentence would be given out but was not made public record.

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