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Book Review: Lord Of The Mountain – Author William Ollie


By William Ollie

“October 1929

Times are hard in Whitley, West Virginia, and harder times are just around the corner. But not for William Pitch, as long as he returns to Ward Rock Mountain and gives that creature what he wants. And not for the Mayor or the Judge, or the young country doctor as long as they play along with Pitch.

Earl Peters signed on for two reasons: more money, less stress. And Deputy Sheriff sure sounded a lot better than beat cop. He left the big city for a small mountain community. Where the biggest crime is somebody jaywalking across Elm Street, or old lady Travis buying a jar of Henry Walker’s white lightning.

But soon the young deputy will wish he’d stayed put. Because Pitch is coming to town, bringing death and despair along for the ride.”

William Ollie first caught my attention when Dark Regions Press sent me a copy of “Sideshow”, which I reviewed here. I have been eagerly awaiting “Lord Of The Mountain” and it does not disappoint.

Supernatural horror has always been one of my favorites and William Ollie knows how to write supernatural horror.

In “Lord Of The Mountain” he spins a tale of hard times, greedy townsfolk, a monster that lives in a mountain and the man (Pitch) who makes a deal with the monster. How can you not like a story that contain these elements.

As was “Sideshow”, “Lord Of the Mountain” is great fun to read. The story is fast paced, the characters fully realized and most of them pretty despicable. I love a book where you come to hate most of the characters and wish upon them untimely and horrific deaths.

Reading for me is an emotional experience, whether it is joy, sadness, fright, hate etc. and William Ollie’s writing stirs the emotions.

With “Lord Of The Mountain” William Ollie has taken a giant leap forward with a book that will grab hold from the first page and not let go until the ending, which by the way was totally awesome. (No spoilers from me.)

If you are looking for a great book to start off the new year I suggest you use the link above and head over to Dark Regions Press and order “Lord Of The Mountain” you will not be disappointed.

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