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12 Bad Jokes About: Black Swan

12 Bad Jokes About:Black Swan

“Black Swan” is a drama/thriller movie starring Natalie Portman, and directed by Darren Aronofsky. In it, Natalie Portman’s character lands the lead role in the ballet, “Swan Lake”. From that point,it’s a downward spiral into madness. I’ll bet you didn’t think ballet could be this fun, did you?!

Well, let’s break out our leotards,and tutus, have a pirouette or two, as we tell:

1) What film do you get,by crossing a Ridley Scott military film, and a thriller about “Swan Lake”?

“Black Swan Down”!

2) What movie is about a ballet dancer demanding the studio floor has absolutely, just the right finish?

“Shellack Swan”!

3) What ballet film,has dancers performing in bulletproof jackets?

“Flack Swan”!

4) What Gino Vannelli song is being used in the Natalie Portman thriller, “Black Swan”?

“Black Swans,Look Better in the Shade”!!

5) If Natalie Portman’s character was trying to earn a spot in a ballet version of “My Sharona”,the film be called?

“The Knack Swan”!

6) What Natalie Portman thriller movie,is about being terrorized by a castanets playing ballet dancer?

“Clack Swan”!

7) What do you get by crossing the Indiana Jones archeologist nemesis of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”,and a dark ballet thriller?

“Belloq Swan”!

8) What movie thriller,stars Daffy Duck as a tormented ballet dancer?

“Quack Swan”!

9) What do you get,if you cross a thriller about “Swan Lake”,and a Simon Pegg film about zombies?

“Black Swan of the Dead”!

10) What movie is about a ballet dancer built like a big truck?


11) Actress Rae Dawn Chong,was so inspired by “Black Swan”,she’s changing her name to:

“B.Swan Chong”!

12) What do you get by crossing a Natalie Portman ballet thriller,and a Soundgarden song?

“Black Hole Swan”!

Well,that was an “allegro” selection of jokes,pertaining to the ballet thriller, “Black Swan”. I wouldn’t recommend perusing the jokes in an “adagio” fashion. I’m done with the knee bends,and arm movements, now.Plus,this leotard is itchy! I’m outta here!!Oh the things I do for you people! Ugh!

Remember,there’s a bad joke just waiting to be written!

Monstermatt Patterson
Author of “Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1”
Bad Monster Jokes. Good Monster Masks.


  1. I fear a missed opportunity for an ‘Obi Swan Kenobi’ gag.

  2. D’oh!
    ObiSwan Kenobi?!
    I thought I was bad!!


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