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Comic Review: Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom


Writer: Bruce Brown
Artist/Colors: Renzo Podesta
Editor: Dwight MacPherson
Covers: Thomas Boatwright, Nicholas Brondo, Rob Corless, Karsten Klintzsch
Publisher: Arcana Studio

Publisher: Arcana Studio
Publication Date: 2009
Format: Full Color – 96 pages
Price: $14.95

“After visiting his father in Arkham Sanitarium, young Howard Lovecraft ignores his father’s warning and uses the legendary Necronomicon to open a portal to a strange, frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger. Alone and scared, Howard befriends a hideous creature he names Spot who takes him to the castle of the king where he is captured and sentenced to death.“

Artwork: 3.0 out of 5
The overall look and feel of this book is really nice. The only thing that got me to not judge it so highly was the handling of the characters from panel to panel. They were not as consistent as I would have liked. Now that being said a lot worked really well on this book. I loved the wide eyed children as a way to express their age. The colors were spot on to set the mood and I was never left wondering what I was looking at. I was also a big fan of the cover and chapter artists pages. I think it was a cool way to showcase different looks for the story.

Story: 3.5 out of 5
I didn’t expect what I just read. So is that good or bad? If you ask me it’s good, because I am not a big Lovecraft fan. Not saying I don’t like the genre, just don’t know a lot about it. So what I liked here was a nice build up into a cool story that was solid from start to finish. I liked the fact that anyone could pick this one up, and by that I mean age too. It kinda read more like a kids book than anything else. Which for me not knowing much, I liked.

Dying Breath: 3.5 out of 5
This is a really great self contained story to check out. Sure the subject matter might not appeal to everyone, but you might be surprised at what you find. Nice artwork and a fun solid story just make this a complete package all around. Check it out, you might just find there is a little Lovecraft hiding inside of you.

If you would like to know more about or purchase a copy of Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom please go to http://www.arcanastudio.com/ or you can grab a copy on amazon.com.

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