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Ron Howard Discusses Who Could Play Roland in the ‘Dark Tower’

Ron Howard was quite the busy bee last week after doing several interviews and talking about his latest project he’ll be directing in bringing Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series to life on the big screen as a live-adaptation. In these interviews, he’s mentioned that the Dark Tower will stretch across three films and a television series, which is something we already know. However, there’s some new updates regarding the several choices in actors that could play the role of Roland, the gunslinger lead in the film.

“The character is a fan-favorite and Howard knows that the casting will be closely scrutinized. As this point in the process, most filmmakers would never engage in casual banter about the possible actors but Howard didn’t dodge the topic and nodded when names such as Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm were mentioned.”

Viggo Mortensen was also mentioned as well to possibly pay the role. If I had my preference out of all the names mentioned so far, I think Hugh Jackman or Viggo would be the two perfect choices, but that’s just my opinion.

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