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Book Review: Lenore Wedgies – Author Roman Dirge

Written by Roman Dirge
Published by Titan Books
Publication Date: 2010
Format: Color – 128 pages
Price: $17.95

Lenore, Lenore….call it a guilty pleasure. Or maybe a childish Goth in us all. Or maybe it’s just the morbid fascination of this little cute but deadly cartoon. I think she echoes a certain sense in us all. Call it dark, funny, sick, twisted, charming, adoring, trendy, unique or just damn hilarious. Its’ all of these things and more. The latest release, (which I recommend highly) comes from Titan Books titled “Roman Dirge’s Lenore” This collection is called “Wedgies”. I have to say after spending some time with this, I’m really appreciative of the collection format, as single strips wouldn’t do in this case. As once you get started, the Lenore flow is quite compelling both literally and illustratively. I don’t know, maybe I just like sick humor. Well there is plenty here race car fans!

Lenore for those in the intro stages is a morbid, sadistic little dead girl who toys with the foundations of sarcasm and dread. Her closest friends which range from the living to monsters themselves are always under the radar of torture, execution or humiliation. Even the Easter Bunny is within her circle of debauchery. Though the strips have there own cute but horrific take from one page to the other as the author and artist make fun of situations, fairy tales, insects, pumpkins…well, you name it!

A chip monk wakes to find himself mounted on the wall, only to be further humiliated when Lenore gives him Barbie doll legs to walk again. Lenore makes fun of nursery rhymes or questions the credibility of a imitation tooth fairy. Whether she’s dealing with death, Satan or the frog in her yard, it always seems to end badly for the other party…great stuff!!

A favorite portion for me was the short “Things involving me” pages. Absolutely hilarious little shorts that show everyday folks in bad situations.

Artwork is stylistic and sticks to a duller earthy tone color palette that adds perfectly to the mood of the pieces. Highly recommended and fun to read on any occasion.

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