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Book Review: Deadworld – Frozen Over (mini series) – Issue 1-4

Writer: Mike Raicht
Artists: Federico Dallocchio, Rafael Ortiz
Letters: Nate Pride, Bernie Lee
Covers: Dalibor Talajic, Sebastian Camagajevac
Editor: Joe Pruett
Publisher: Desperado Publishing
Publication Date: 2007-2010
Format: Full Color – 24
Price: $3.99

“With the streets of New York still snowed in, our survivors attempt to find a way out of the city before the thaw comes. But not only are they dealing with the harsh weather and the thousands of zombies still wandering the streets of New York, they also are going to have to deal with the baddest zombie of them all – King Zombie! But why is the King searching for Kolin Fleet and his band? And what deal did the King strike with the terrifying zombie known as the Giant in order to find them?

Mike Raicht, known for his work with Marvel Zombies as well as Savage Tales unleashes this mini-series set in the Deadworld as action moves to New York.. Introducing a new cast of characters, this mini series is the perfect time for new readers to find out more about one of the longest running zombie series in comic history, Deadworld, with nearly 60 issues published.“

Artwork 4.5 out of 5.0
This series is a pleasure to look at. Like other Deadworld series this one ran into some art delays, but you have almost all four solid issues of brilliant work by Dallocchio. He does an amazing job on the cast and his King Zombie is down right Gore-geous. Like I mentioned though, the delay for the book came in the art department so issues #4 has some pages by Rafael Ortiz, who just came in and did an amazing job. His style is close enough to Dallocchio’s that if your not going to care about the shift. He was the right choice. This is just black and white gold in terms of the art.

Story: 4.5 out of 5.0
I think more people need to start taking notice of Mike Raicht in terms of horror, because he just killed this story. It’s great to see that this mini was put into his hands because this story is just spot on from start to finish. He did a great job of really continuing on the humor of King Zombie while giving me a solid read. There was also so much more depth created here, because were not focusing on the typical Deadworld cast. We get to see what happens in New York and that just open this universe up to so much more. So allow me to say, Mike I want to see Deadworld: Hollywood Hills next. Get started!

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5.0
Almost 3 years in the making and we just got handed issue #4. For me it was a treat to be able to go back and reread the first three issues, because this story has been on point from the start. Your treated to amazing artwork, starting on the covers and ending with the interiors. There really is some secret reason why Deadworld has been around as long as it has and I will let you in on it. Stories like this one, bring greatness to the often overcrowded zombie genre, and Deadworld should be near the top of all or your zombie related collections. Read this series in the issues or when it collected in trade form, you will not be disappointed and that is a DD guarantee.

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