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Comic Review: Deadworld: Last Siesta OGN

Issue: Deadworld: Last Siesta OGN
Writer: Gary Reed
Artist: Mark Bloodworth
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: September 2011
Pages: 112
Price: $15.99

“King Zombie heads across the border and finds himself plunged into a bitter dispute between a former drug cartel and the assassin Raga. This original graphic novel runs 112 pages and retails for $14.95.”

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5
I bow down to you Mark Bloodworth. I have seen artists do styles like this, I have seen artists make it work within their own books, but I have never seen this style work so well. Mark was not afraid to show you anything in this book. From his character designs, to the way he laid out a page, there was nothing I could have wanted more from this book visually. The consistency was perfect, but the over the top work came from the way panels transitioned into each other and, of course, the depiction of the undead. Mark your work on Deadworld, whether old or new, is beyond what I need and I can not ask for more. You have achieved visual perfection on this book.

Story: 5.0 out of 5
When I try to describe the writing on Deadworld, I do my best to describe how many levels there are. I think that this book shows off how different this series is than all the rest. You have 2 protagonists in Raga and King Zombie. If anyone wants to fight me on saying King Zombie is a protagonist bring it. The basic breakdown of this book is that you have 2 characters, who cross paths, through animal means, and yet you get a complete story on both. How often is it that you can feel for King Zombie, I really wanted him to get a helicopter damn it! Raga was an awesome character in his own right. The back story given was good, but I want a full book on it. For those of you who have not read Gary Reed yet, this book will showcase his talents to you. Gary has done amazing work in St. Germaine and Baker Street before, but when you see how he can change his style with this book and make it fit the genre, ugh, total love for it on my end. One quick last thing… the ending was the perfect closure to this book.

Dying Breath: 5.0 out of 5
I still think that Slaughterhouse was the highest point in the Deadworld series, but you can not go wrong with Last Siesta. This book follows more of how the writing and art were done in Requiem for the Dead and Frozen Over, so it’s pretty damn good, so damn good I gave it a perfect score. I love Mark Bloodworth and can not express enough how perfect his style was for this book. Page after page I was bathing my eyes in the GORE-Geous panels. Gary Reed you know how to write this series, hands down. You know what you want in your cast and you are able to give that to the world. Last Siesta is a welcome addition to the DW universe and I can not wait for me. I NEED GRAKEN!!!!!

If you would like to buy or know more about Deadworld: Last Siesta you can find it at www.deadworld.info


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