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Unexplained Confidential: Witness to Roswell

Welcome to another edition of Unexplained Confidential. This week we talk about Roswell and the Government Cover-up with Donald R. Schmitt, author of Witness to Roswell.

The Best-seller Witness to Roswell. New Evidence. New Testimony! Destined to hit the best-seller lists again with a new book, Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government’s Biggest Cover-Up, authors Donald R. Schmitt and Thomas J. Carey have revealed compelling new eyewitness testimony and new evidence surrounding the notorious Roswell UFO recovery.
Forewords in the book by George Noory and astronaut Edgar Mitchell and a flurry of pre-publication endorsements hint at the significance of the book. According to the Executive Producer of the Showtime movie based on the UFO incident: Witness to Roswell is “the true story, the facts, the reality that the government withholds from you.”

Interview with Donald R. Schmitt

Why do you think after 60 years of silence, are people only now willing to admit knowledge of what happened at Roswell?
The witnesses are becoming more willing to talk simply because they are reaching the final days of their own lives and feel less threatened by government reprisal. There has developed a comfort level in the numbers of those who have previously stepped forward and those now coming forward.

In light of the book and the new evidence, do you think Washington has any concerns?
What should any journalist say in the light of now 4 official explanations and past two coming form the pentagon in response to our research. We have been told they are now working on a fifth – purpose, to stall for time and run out the clock on the last remaining witness – cover-up complete.

Is our Government any closer to full disclosure?
In the face of all the continuing damage control on Roswell and in UFOs in general, I see absolutely no indications that the government is any closer to disclosure. It would appear that they are attempting to nail the coffin down even tighter.

How many people in our current administration would you say have HARD knowledge of the Roswell aircraft and aliens?
The larger question is who actually knows all the truth even above the office of the presidency? Observe the frustration of both presidents Carter and Clinton in not gaining cooperation with the Pentagon on the subject. Personally, I believe most of the higher-ups have not passed it down through the years and have taken it to their graves. The circle gets smaller and smaller.

Government cover-ups are nothing new. Wars and Assassinations most predominantly, but one has to even question the origin of the Swine-Flu. Why is Roswell our biggest cover-up?
Because it changes everything since 1947 thereon and whether we like it or not, not necessarily for the good. I would question why we, as Americans, have entrusted a handful of unelected individuals, to decide for all of us – for all time. That gets my attention.

What in your book would be the most SHOCKING to the American public?
One of the most shocking continuing themes through the book is the constant reports of threats to civilian individuals. The extreme levels the government went to over merely a weather balloon. The constant threat to actual kill parent’s children is an issue which should alarm any reporter worth his or her salt on any issue. Were not talking about Red Square here.

As a boy, Extraterrestrial Life was a fairytale left for science fiction movies but now as an adult, you have to take a closer look when prominent figures like Edgar Mitchell are coming forward and telling us to believe.

“The Truth is Out There”, a statement made popular by The X Files, but do you think our society is ready for the truth?
There was no mass panic, or suicide back in 1947. Those people raised their families, went to work, went to church, and lived out the rest of their lives – and they were there, they knew the truth. What an insult to the progression of the human race to suggest we have digressed and not ready for something we have been conditioned for ever since 1947.

Is our Government still taking an active roll to try to keep people quiet?
I’m sure they especially monitor the new witnesses we continue to present and frantically check records and say “how did we miss that one?” In many respects we have done their work. A Colonel at the pentagon once told us that they will watch just to see how far we can take this and out will come explanation 5.

When doing the research for “Witness to Roswell” did you uncover information that even surprised you?
After twenty years of being on this case the one thing that surprises me most is how complacent the American press is to the cover-up. Like useful idiots they spread the same nonsense that the government is spewing. And why only on this topic?

What’s next for Donald R. Schmitt?
After Roswell I will definitely get into something much more simple like cancer research or raising the Titanic.

Thanks Donald. It’s been an out of this world interview. I’m looking forward to hearing any feedback about Donald’s comments. I have some good interviews coming up and not just here at Unexplained Confidential. I have some good stuff over in our HorrorNews Interview section too. I just wanted to mention to those that want to get interviewed, here’s my schedule. Phone Interviews – I’m available to do interviews Saturday and Sunday anytime! but Monday to Friday, I’m available anytime after 6pm EST. Of course, If need be… I can make special arrangements. Or I can also do interviews via email. You can email me at joyhorror@horrornews.net  

Later F’N’ Later,

– Director of Unexplained Confidential
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