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Unexplained Confidential: UFO Sightings

Did you see a sign out in front of my house that said, “Dead ALIEN storage?”
‘Cause storin’ dead ALIENS ain’t my f*ckin’ business!

The Million Fax on Washington is a project of Paradigm Research Group. Phase II ( January 21 to May 31, 2009 ) is currently underway with thousands of letters, faxes, and emails being sent to President Barack Obama but much help is still needed. If our voices are loud enough the United States Government will have to acknowledge the request. The request for FULL DISCLOSURE that alien life does exist. Go to http://www.faxonwashington.org/ and get all the information on how to be part of the Million Fax on Washington before it’s too late. History is now!

Then Phase III ( beginning June 1, 2009 ) goes into effect. This will be a media juggernaut that stretches worldwide as PRG calls on it’s extensive resource network that it started back in 1991. Unexplained Confidential has joined this movement and in the weeks and months to come HorrorNews.net will be on the pulse of this extraterrestrial event.

CNN Reported on April 20, 2009 – Dr. Edgar Mitchell ( Apollo 14 Astronaut & founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences ) admitted to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that the Roswell UFO crash really happened. Mitchell’s statement included that there is firm knowledge that extraterrestrial life exists and this information is being held back from the general public in the United States and Internationally. Mitchell was raised in Roswell, and said that the townspeople confided to him years later about what they knew and that the Government had told told them to keep “the truth” hush hush. Mitchell’s credibility here only adds further confirmation that we are not all crazy for believing in little green men.


On May 7, 2009 there was a UFO sighting reported near the SAT Airport in Texas. Here is the official statement :

” I was in my backyard with my dogs just about sundown. The sun had just gone below the horizon but the sky was still very bright with some high level haze or thin cloud cover. As usual I was watching the sky just looking for birds, airplanes, etc. We live under one of the approach paths for SAT airport and we have a lot of civilian and military traffic.I saw what at first I thought was a buzzard but then I noticed I couldn’t see any wings and it was not circling as they usually do. The object was totally black with no reflection from the sun and was moving in a straight line to the Northwest at a steady pace. It was moving at about the speed of a normal civilian airliner as viewed at normal flight altitude. It did not deviate at all in altitude or direction. All of a sudden it occurred to me that this thing was not normal.

I thought about grabbing my camera, but i realized that by the time it powered up the object would be gone over the horizon so I grabbed my binoculars instead. I got them focused on the object just before it disappeared over the horizon.The object was solid black with no light reflection and did not appear to be below the haze or cloud cover. It looked like a cube made up of large black balls. I would have thought it might be some kind of balloon except that it was a perfect cube and the surface looked more like just half of balls arranged to form a cube. I really can’t judge the sized due nothing else being close to it in the sky. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe it was some type of balloon but due to it’s constant speed, direction, and altitude I doubt it. Right now I consider it to be a true Unidentified Flying Object. The attached JPG file is a simulation of what I saw. The object is not at correct scale. ”

Another May 7, 2009 UFO Sighting , this time in the Nevada desert where a couple reported a close encounter with multiple unexplained objects from the night sky. Here is the official statement :

” My boyfriend and I were driving around the desert. We had been out there a while, and soon it got very dark. We were driving back on our way home, when we both saw 3 objects in the distance, with lights we had never seen before, and flying in a unusual way, in a group. We got very excited while watching, and suddenly they started breaking away from each other. One started going down towards the ground and dissapeared like it had crashed. The other two continued to fly, almost towards us.

We decided to chase them! We started after them, and they flew right by us many times. One specifically seemed to keep coming back to us. We tried to comfirm it as a military aircraft, but it was nothing either of us had seen before. We thought maybe it could be a Drone, but the more we looked we knew it wasnt. At first there was 3 flying objects, but by this time there was only 2. But only one seemed to awknowlage us. We parked the truck after watching it fly by us and over us several times. It was completely silent. And hovered slowly, although in the distance it went faster. I decided to plug the spotlight in and try and get its attention. It worked! we were parked on a dirt road, next to a water canel.

Across from the canel was a small passture, the hovering craft flew directly at us, and stopped facing us. We shined the light at it, and put our hand over the light to make it strobe. The craft sat there for a good 5 mins, and seemed like it was getting closer, so close it was alomst as if we could throw something at it. and there was NO SOUND. I tried to get pictures but, the pixel rate on my cam phone was too low and came up as all black on the screen. We started to get scared and jumped back in the truck, as soon as we did the craft moved and went behind us as if it was following us. The other craft was in the distance as if it was watching, sort of like back up.

My boyfriend and I both called our parents freaking out, and not knowing how to explain the events that were going on. We watched them fly around us consistantly. But when we reached the highway, and back on our way into town, they dissapeared. When we made it back into town to my house, i was stadning outside, and seen a c 130 fly over our heads. I knew this wasnt the craft i seen because it was too large, was too high up, and wasnt silent. I could also see the shape of it and it was obviously a plane. But these hovering crafts we seen were black, almost invisable except for the lights. When they turned you couldnt see them. The only time they were all visible was when they were facing you, and that because of the 5 alined lights.
I went inside my house and drew a picture for my father, he called the naval base here in fallon.

They told us they had no reports of any aircraft besides the c 130. But I knew it wasnt a c 130! My boyfriend and his father went back out to where we were. When they got there, there were helicopters with spotlights on the ground, several trucks with spotlights driving through the desert. A black SUV with very dark tented windows driving towards the area we seen the crafts. Men walking around with spot lights in the desert. As if they were all looking for someting. But if they were looking for the craft that we thought we seen crash, they were in the wrong area, they were looking where we had first seen the crafts from a distance. Miles off. Im not sure what i saw tonight, but ive always been a believer of other life forms. And tonight was proof for me. I was scared..and excited. I hope I find out more about what i saw. “

Another May 7, 2009 UFO sighting , this time a couple in California reported what appeared to be a “cloaked” flying object. Here is the official statement :

” I really don’t know how to think about this let alone write about it… My girl friend and I went out to the garden for a smoke, looking up i saw what i thought was a satellite passing over head, i ran inside and got my laser pointer to point it out to my girlfriend. We followed it as it traversed the sky south north it then seemed to fade away, only to reappear but this time it would pulse (maybe 20 times brighter) then disappear, reappear again, pulse and disappear again. This continued maybe 8 or 9 times. As strange as this was it is not why i felt the need tell someone. Just as it disappeared i looked up and saw something moving across the sky east/west, i still can’t comprehend what i saw or what it was I think my brain is finding it hard to process it.

The best way to describe it is to say that a part of the sky was moving, or at the very least something that blended in to the sky was, i know that doesn’t make sense but my girlfriend was also was there and we are still trying to accept and comprehend what we saw. I then pointed the laser pointer so that i could keep track/focus on it as it was hard to follow, I was completely shocked when right off the bat the Laser hit it or i should say it dispersed across its surface spreading out and very bright. The next shock was the realization that it was a lot closer than i had originally thought and absolutely dead silent. The only way for me to describe it would be to say i could not see a definitive shape because it was, to use a Sci-Fi term, cloaked! Do we have this type of technology? I’m still trying to grasp what happened and still feel the shock from the laser hitting it and how bright it became. It was like sensing something in a dark corner you shine a light to find there is nothing there only this time there is. ”

To read other UFO reports, please visit www.mufon.com
and they also have details on what to do in the event that YOU are the one that witnesses any unidentified flying objects.

On May 11, 2009 the United States space shuttle Atlantis launched in it’s 5th mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Here is the video footage that is being questioned, what exactly are these mysterious objects moving about in the middle of space ? UNIDENTIFIED !


On May 13, 2009, NASA TV: STS-125 captured a strange flash while filming the Hubble. If you check out the video footage the flash happens at exactly 1:18. Is it possible that the Atlantis is not alone out there? As we watch the Hubble, perhaps we are being watched as well.

video removed

If you want “real time” updates on UFO sightings, check out UFO STALKER for some of the most up to date information available. We’ll be back next week as we explore ALIEN EXISTENCE even further, and I might even have a few surprises. Please contact me a joyhorror@horrornews.net  with any UFO news and/or information.

Later F’N’ Later,
Mike Joy

This was originally posted in May of 2009.


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