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Is 2023 The Year of the Horror Genre?

With every Sony PlayStation or Xbox Games Showcase, the horror is never far behind. Even amongst the first-person shooters, looters, and game rebooters, the horror can be found – and this year is no different. 2023 features lots of great horror games that are disrupting the industry in the best ways. We’ve seen a pattern of horror nostalgia this year, with a lot of upgraded games and continuations from very old franchises getting released. Take a look at our picks for the games that showcase why horror is the genre of 2023.

Diablo 4

Diablo IV is the much-anticipated addition to the Diablo franchise and with the last game being released over a decade ago, you can imagine the hype there was for this game. With a style that is somewhere between medieval hack-and-slash and horror vibes, there is a lot to love about Diablo IV. But don’t just take my word for it: reviews are coming in and they are glowing. The hack-and-slash gameplay is there, dialling up the chaos with an MMORPG element. You can play as a Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer, through this DND-esque nightmare. You can even create a DND nickname to play with.

Diablo IV was released on June 6th for PS4, PS5, and Xbox X/S and Microsoft Windows.

Alan Wake 2

Continuing on from much-awaited sequels, Alan Wake II can finally be seen on the horizon. This is a game that fans have been waiting for since 2010 when the original epic narrative was released. And the narrative is the selling point here, famed for its slow creeping dread to this very day. We once again join crime fiction author, Alan Wake, on a journey to a good plot, and getting more than he hoped for. Expect monsters, psychological warfare, and heart-stopping thrills.

Alan Wake 2 is expected to release on Oct 17th, 2023, on PS5, Xbox X/ S, and Microsoft Windows.

Dead Space/Resident Evil 4

Honourable mention to both Dead Space and Resident Evil 4, which were both rereleased in 2023, with better graphics and fine-tuned gameplay. Both are classics of the horror genre and both are likely to be grabbed up by horror fans to experience in excruciating detail.

Dead Space was released on Jan 27th, on PS5, Microsoft Windows and Xbox X/S and Resident Evil 4 was released on Mar 24th on PS4, PS5, Windows and Xbox X/S.

Greyhill Incident

For something new, you should take a look at the Greyhill Incident. It’s made for people who watched Signs and decided they wanted more. Extra-terrestrials, tin foil hats, men in black and UFOs are all featured in this creepy sci-fi horror game. This narrative-driven survival horror features Ryan Baker. He only has a baseball bat and a few bullets left in his revolver, but he’s going to defend his home and family from the Grey People if it kills him. With a flying saucer overhead, there is every possibility that it will.

Greyhill Incident was released on June 9th for PS4, PS5, Xbox X/S and Microsoft Windows.

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