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Red Dead Redemption 2 Beginner’s Tips & Tricks Guide


Welcome to the gory but beautiful land of RDR 2 and the wild ride you’re about to begin. Here’s a world with many things to wrap your head about, including a large exotic map and an interesting Honor system. As such, you’ll need some tips to guide you through your beginning days in the Wild West.

This article provides useful tips for getting along with the game. You’ll also gather some tricks to improve your experience in the game. For more Red Dead Redemption tools, we recommend visiting Battlelog.co. But before that, grab the tips below.

Tips and tricks for beginners on Red Dead Redemption 2

  • RDR 2 is not fast-paced; explore your world

Don’t make the general rookie mistake of running around the map and missing the important or interesting parts. RDR 2 is a game that requires players to explore; gunfights are just a secondary part of the game.

You can either undertake missions or decide to wander around doing what pleases you. If you’re in for missions, check for the yellow circles on your in-game map and go there. Otherwise, go around engaging other players in gunfights and looting everyone and everything you come across.

  • Pretty precious loot, all yours

In the game’s first chapter, you’ll eventually run into some gunfights within your first few minutes. Therefore, keep your eyes open for loot that may contain weapons. Of course, you’ll need something to defend yourself. Once you’ve got a good gun, go around the map looking for loots.

Other players will likely have something worthwhile in their pockets. Players with substantial valuables on them are always indicated on the map by a black letter X. Trace them out and kill them. It doesn’t end there, rummage through their pockets and grab everything you can find. You’ll need everything you can get in this stage for the following chapter.

  • Use the Dead Eye

If you’re yet to use the Dead Eye, you probably don’t know what it is. This feature of Red Dead Redemption 2 allows you to slow down time to mark and shoot at enemies more accurately.

Using the Dead Eye, you’ll slow down time and take out several marked targets in quick succession. This mechanic comes in handy when you’re riding on horseback and aiming at a target simultaneously. While this can be difficult if done manually, activating the Dead Eye before such shots make it very easy.

  • You’ll need a horse friend.

You’ll have to buy a horse and give it a name as you advance in the game. Your horse has core stamina and health level, just like your character. Therefore you’ll have to take proper care of it and ensure all its health stats are optimum. Also, you’ll need to bond with your horse to unlock its trust and more abilities. Your horse can unlock different abilities such as running, jumping, drifting, etc. You must avoid running into tough gunfights, and hard barriers with your horse as this will damage it. To avoid losing it to death, we recommend buying some Horse Revivers, which you can use in it suffers too much damage.

  • Feed and clothe Arthur properly.

Like in real-time, your character needs food and adequate clothing to shield him from the elements. For clothing, you can purchase some from the Tailor. Clothes in RDR 2 are graded according to their temperature resistance. You’ll get an onscreen prompt if an outfit lacks the desired protection for Author.

Also, you have to keep Arthur properly fed to avoid losing weight and taking excessive damage during fights. You’ll find food items such as crackers, meat, fish, etc. While the crackers are ready to eat on the go, ensure you cook the meat or fish before eating them. But avoid eating too much; it slows Arthur down.


There’s more to Red Dead Redemption 2 than we’ve been able to cover in this article. However, these tips are just the ideal combination to help you get started in your adventure with Arthur and your horse ally.

Pay attention to the common mechanics of the game, as they’ll be very much relevant in the later chapters of your game. Also, advanced game chapters will need more sophisticated items and abilities. So, do well to get upgrades whenever you can.

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