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VEXILLARY Examines Science And The Human Condition With “The Geneticist Remixes”

VEXILLARY Examines Science And The Human Condition With “The Geneticist Remixes”

Electronic artist VEXILLARY releases “The Geneticist” Remix EP, examining the role of science and its control of the human condition. The video for the “Andy Martin Remix” made its premiere on Brutal Resonance.

Looking at the world around us, it’s hard to ignore the significant role of science in our day-to-day existence. But this is nothing new. Science has always been in control of the fate of the human condition. VEXILLARY tackled this idea head-on in ‘The Geneticist’—The closing track of the SurViolence EP.

“The Geneticist” Remix EP:

‘The Geneticist’ was so rich in context and musical raw material that a sequel had to follow. This time, 3 different electronic scientists, Andy Martin, Signal Deluxe, and SPANKTHENUN re-engineered the track like geneticists manipulating genetic code to reach their desired outcomes. Tempos were augmented, beats were mutated, and new basslines were spawned, to unleash a whole new beast—The Geneticist Remixes EP.

Vexillary is the brainchild of the New York-based producer Reza Seirafi. His diverse work is seeded with a singular undercurrent of gloom and shaped by his unique scientific approach to production.

As a chemist and perfumer, Reza was fascinated by the secret bonds between unrelated chemical ingredients that create well-balanced, other-worldly scents. Reza’s music making process follows the same philosophy, as he magically blends unrelated musical parts to create his own brand of decadent Industrial and techno music. On his production style, Reza has noted “key changes and odd chords are all over my stuff, connecting seamlessly where they shouldn’t. There’s some magic to it that can’t be explained.”

But Vexillary’s music is far from formulaic, and his records are proof of that. Chemica Divina was a conceptual record exploring the themes of chemical sciences and their link to the divine. On his follow up EPs, CrossFire and The Brutalist, Reza took on classic industrial sounds as ingredients and transmutated them through his own brand of alchemy to leave a refreshing modern take in his trail.

With his latest releases, SurViolence, and its offshoot, The Geneticist Remixes EP, he’s now added new conceptual ingredients in the mix to tell the tale of the unease that we’re all facing as we approach what may seem to be a dystopian future. Looking into this said future, we can expect Reza to carry on doing music on his own terms to further cement his place as a true force in the underground music culture. And if his new music is any indication, that exploration will surely remain out of the ordinary.

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