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Home | Mitchell Altieri and Lee Cummings’ STAR LIGHT debuts Digital and On Demand AUGUST

Mitchell Altieri and Lee Cummings’ STAR LIGHT debuts Digital and On Demand AUGUST

1091 set to release

Mitchell Altieri and Lee Cummings’ STAR LIGHT

Digital and on demand platforms on August 4

Supernatural thriller stars

Scout Taylor-Compton (THE RUNAWAYS, HALLOWEEN), Rahart Adams

(PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING), Liana Ramirez (Power Rangers Beast Morphers),

and Tiffany Shepis (12 Monkeys).

1091 announced today the digital and on demand release date of Tuesday, August 4 for Mitchell Altieri (THE NIGHT WATCHMEN, HOLY GHOST PEOPLE) and Lee Cummings’ STAR LIGHT. Written by Altieri, Jamal M. Jennings, and Adam Weiss, the film was produced by Cheryl Staurulakis at Orama Filmworks, Jeffrey Allard at Indie Entertainment, and Altieri’s San Francisco Independent Cinema. Executive Producers were Stan Holland, and Leo Staurulakis.

A supernatural thriller, STAR LIGHT involves a kind hearted teenager, Dylan (Cameron Johnson), who crashes into a beautiful young woman (Scout Taylor-Compton) while skateboarding. She turns out to be a world famous popstar, who is on the run from her handlers. While he and his group of friends try to help this mysterious woman, unexplained events begin to occur within the home. When Bebe’s threatening handler, Anton, shows up demanding her return, the teenagers’ refusal makes him unleash a barrage of dire and otherworldly consequences that turns a fun graduation party into a night of living hell.

“STAR LIGHT is a highly entertaining thriller of a film featuring an exciting, fresh young cast and a solid track record of inventive horror courtesy of Mitchell Altieri. We look forward to audiences around the world discovering the film,” said Lev Avery-Peck at 1091.

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