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Home | Say Goodbye to Cheap Thrills in the Upcoming Horror Movie “The Luring”

Say Goodbye to Cheap Thrills in the Upcoming Horror Movie “The Luring”

Say Goodbye to Cheap Thrills in the Upcoming Horror Movie “The Luring”

NYC Filmmaker uses an unpredictable plot and hidden messages to bring his story alive

Summer Hill Films will be releasing the full-length feature film “The Luring” on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms on June 16, 2020. Directed by Christopher Wells, a New York City based film producer and film director. He’s produced multiple award winning films and is known for his topical dark humor and political commentary.

The movie features the main character, Garret, who tries to recover a lost memory that took place during his tenth birthday at his family’s vacation home in Vermont. Unbeknownst to him, something unspeakable happened; as a result Garrett was found in a non-responsive state by his parents. Psychiatrists call it dissociative amnesia – a loss of memory due to a traumatic event -but Garrett will soon learn some memories reveal things he wished weren’t true. In this surreal psychological thriller, the weird and wonderful takes place as pure evil manipulates the vulnerable.

Christopher shot and produced this movie at his old family home in Vermont, on a timeclock right before it was sold. He was inspired to make this movie from his days in college making ultra low budget films and working with the restrictions they were given. He says, “A good story can be told no matter the budget.”

Christopher prefers using elements such as foreshadowing, witty dialogue and hidden messages in his movies as opposed to jump-scares and gore. In addition, he set out to have a strong cinematic element. Every scene has a deeper meaning, even if it’s subtle. “The cast and crew of the Luring had an energy that was contagious. We were all set to be part of something original and not follow the trends,” he says. He hopes people will re-watch the movie again and again and see something different every time.



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