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Interview: Courtney Akbar (Clown Fear)

Hi Courtney! How did you get involved with Clown Fear and why you decide to take on the role of Kat?

With Clown Fear, I got involved the summer before we started shooting. I met the director; Minh Collins and he liked my look at the time. I had my hair hot pink and he had just finished writing the script with Sadie Katz. He automatically kind of pictured me in the role so he was like, hey take a look at the script and let me know what you think of the character?  I read through it and I thought it was a great opportunity to think outside the box and do something different. I am a fan of horror movies and that was the first horror movie that I shot. It was great for me because I love watching horror movies.

What was it like for you working with the director Minh Collins?

Courtney- Oh wow, Minh is a great director. He’s really laid back, he’s not arrogant or rude. We did a lot of collaborating. He was open to a lot of my ideas, my suggestions and, he answered all my questions. He was professional onset. He was honestly just a really great person to have around.

Did you do anything special to prepare to play Kat?

Courtney- I had a lot of fun doing research into the character. I went into to the cult world, what it was like being raised in a cult, being brainwashed. I got to watch a lot of cool movies. I was watching Rob Zombie movies and Monster with Charlize Theron; I got a lot of inspiration from her. I like to do a lot of research into my characters. I did a lot of research into psychology and I watched a lot of interviews with people who were raised in cults. I try to take as much real life as I can and use that to create my character.

That is awesome. You did a great job. What was it working with this cast?

Courtney- It was a lot of fun. Most of the girls already knew each other and they are friends. So, the vibe that you see between them onscreen is actually realistic of their relationship in real life. For me, I didn’t really know them until we did the script read so I was kind of newer but, they were welcoming and sweet to me. They liked my character Kat and what I brought to the table. They had a lot of compliments and it was a good time.

I’ve spoke to a lot of people who have worked on movies with clowns involved and sometimes they do the film to over come the fear. Do you have any of those fears?

Courtney- Fortunately for me, I’ve never had a bad experience with a clown. Thinking back now, I had a little figurine of a clown. I don’t know why but I always loved that little figurine. Being on a movie set is a good way to do that. To face your fears and it can be a good way to heal.

What projects are you working on next?

Courtney- I have a few projects lined up at the moment but, the only one I am able to talk about right now is a Christmas film that I will apart of. I’m excited for that because, again I am broadening my horizons on the roles I am acquiring.

That sounds like fun. There are so many great Christmas films. They are always fun to watch with family and friends.

(This Christmas movie is called Ace & the Christmas Miracle)

Courtney- Definitely and it will be a family movie so that’s really nice.

What would you like to say to the audiences that will be watching Clown Fear? Also, to your fans?

Courtney- I just want everybody to know that I’ve put so much work and effort into all my characters. I hope everybody enjoys them.

You did an awesome job. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me Courtney. Thank you.

Courtney- Absolutely, thank you Janel.





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