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BAD ASS BABES – Alien invasion Sees the Men Mutated into Slaves and the Women rounded up like Cattle

Bringing back the style of old school VHS nasties. Bad ass babes the movie sees an alien invasion turning mankind into mindless slaves and the sexy women rounded up for alien hybrid breeding experiments. However, humankind has a chance of survival when it is discovered Some women when exposed to alien technology become enhanced in unprecedented ways. A super powered and blood-soaked showdown awaits.

Bad ass babes the movie is based upon the independent video game of the same name by Thatcher productions which is run by Australian film and game maker Andrew Thatcher. The Computer game featured digitized models, cheesy dialogue and loads of nudity, gore and action.

It was only natural that the property would make for an entertaining film. Thatcher productions decided to take the plunge and has made a short film showcasing the Bad ass babes universe in all its schlocky glory.
Heavily inspired by B grade films and retro grindhouse, Thatcher productions decided to embark on an idea to bring to life a video game almost all by himself. Andrew Thatcher knew the way to get attention in today’s politically correct culture was to embrace the past and bring audiences back to a time when games and media were fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously.

The game was received positively by audiences with countless reviews and articles expressing joy in Thatcher productions refreshing take on a forgotten genre. Andrew knew the property had potential beyond games and dreamt of the possibility of an independent studio buying the rights or collaborating to make a film project. But when opportunities didn’t arise Thatcher decided to once again take fate into his own hands and has made a short film which is set to entertain horror and sci fi fans and recruit new audiences to his works.

With a sequel to the first video game in the works, who knows what else is in store for the future of Thatcher productions and Bad ass babes.

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