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Film Review: Pumpkins (2018)

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“When a local farmer is the victim of a horrible joke gone wrong, bloody revenge becomes the only way to satisfy the monster he has become!

Maria Lee Metheringham’s atmospheric horror treat Pumpkins comes to digital and DVD October 15 from High Octane Pictures.

Assisted by his beloved pumpkins, a sweet farmer discovers that spilling blood is his newfound glory to anyone who dares trespass on his private land. Unfortunately for a group of innocent survivalists, their survival skills are soon put to the test and the local villagers are soon dragged into the bloody fight. Will Metheringham scripted.”


Writer/Director Maria Lee Metheringham and Will Metheringham presents: Pumpkins. Halloween is approaching. Pumpkins, we meet Pam, (Dani Thompson) Shelley, (Maria Lee Metheringham) Tommy, (Craig Edwards) Mrs. Randle, (Samantha Hindman) Sam, (Marcella Edgecome-Craig) Macie, (Georgia Annable) Alex, (George Walker) Punter Bob (John Michael Foulger) Punter Dave (David Healy) Pumpkin Man (Will Metheringham).

We find an elderly man sitting in a garden. A pumpkin patch to be specific. The music is a little distracting but, not completely awful. Two wayward kids/teens show up looking to cause mischief. They start to throw stuff at the elder man tending the garden. He isn’t playing around and just happens to have a rifle nearby. The teens/” kids” are out for revenge? They come back and draw on the pumpkins in the patch. This sets the man into a frenzy.

He keels over…. His “babies” have been defiled. Something happens that involves green ooze and vines crawling on his body. Is he dead? Did he faint? He looks dead. WELL! He isn’t dead! He is Pumpkin Man! The entire tone of the film changes. The Pumpkin Man mask/make-up/special effects is great. It is subtle and not too much. We have a few stabbings, an angrier Pumpkin Man and two teens/kids that regret the decisions they made. We meet a couple in the woods. (Why does everyone want to make out in the woods? I get it! I totally do…but, homicidal murderers also enjoy long walks in the woods.) Pumpkin Man has a supporter, at least that’s how this scene appears. His movements are quick, he isn’t in anyway slow pacing the terrifying, “I will walk slow and still kill you.” His stance is creepy, the atmosphere of this film is eerie. The couple in the woods should haul ass and get out of there.

The boyfriend leaves the

tent, he comes back missing a vitally important part of his body. A new group shows up. Its like The Walking Dead with the groups. This group is hiking, determined looking. The music gets better as the film goes on. The songs sort of fit with the scenes. Pam stumbles onto the dead man in the tent and sprains her ankle. Shelly finds the new group hiking on her land. Let’s just say, she was not happy.

This film reminds you of some of the fun eighties horror films with camping involved with a gritty feel from the seventies. A cannibal pumpkin, someone loses some fingers. This is not going well for this group. There is a survival aspect within the film. The characters each have ways of handling a situation. The Pumpkin man is killing this group off. (Is he wearing Michael Myers outfit?)

Nothing like a relaxing time in the woods. This group is carving pumpkins, making pumpkin soup. The pumpkins also bite. The group is the woods is in trouble. The Pumpkin man is wondering around with a large knife. When someone trips and doesn’t try to even get up, that is irritating. The shot of the Pumpkin Man was a great one but at least try to get up when you are on the ground and pushing yourself backwards… Come on.

Another group singing, drinking and having a good time in what looks like a pub?! The singing folks have no clue what is happening outside. Sam makes it into the pub after running for what seemed like forever. She needs help and everyone is telling her to “calm down.” Back at the Old Glen House, they don’t have a phone, the lights go out. Pumpkin Man isn’t messing around. Pumpkins is a great slasher flick. The cast does a good job.

The special effects are good. The Pumpkin Man mask is original. The group in the woods isn’t doing any better. “This is a horror film wait to happen.” They make a run for it. Let’s hope they make it. Pumpkin man hasn’t been merciful yet. Obligatory sprained ankle, Macie is down for the count with Pumpkin man lurking behind her.

This is making me nervous. They are all going outside now. (Don’t do it!) Pumpkin man is relentless. Make sure to watch Pumpkins.


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