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Interview: Travis Cluff & Chris Lofing (The Gallows Act II)

“THE GALLOWS ACT II was written and directed by Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff. The film was produced by Lofing, Cluff, Jason Blum, Guymon Casady, Dean Schnider, and Benjamin Forkner. Couper Samuelson served as executive producer, and Brock Heasley, Jared “Bear” Dupras, and Cody Fletcher are the associate producers.”

Hi Travis! Hi Chris. How are you guys doing?

Travis/Chris- Hi Janel- It is good to talk to you.

Okay, so I watched The Gallows Act II, it was good.

Travis/Chris- Thank you. We really appreciate it.

Tell us about the process of how The Gallows Act II manifested?

Travis/Chris- When we did the first Gallows in 2015, we did it earlier than that but when we first started talking about the idea for a sequel, there were a lot of ideas that we had. There were a lot of different directions that we thought it could go. I think our initial idea was a prequel. We could tell the story of where this play came from. We planned that for a while and then we kind of realized it’s kind of a boxed in structure. We decided to do something totally different and we wanted to expand the universe to create a film that fit in the same world as the first one but felt a little bit newer. We also wanted to move away from the found footage aspect and more into a tradition cinematic style. Maybe the prequel will be for Act III.

So, do you guys think there will be an Act III? I think I am excited and a few others will be already!


Travis/Chris- I don’t know. Someone told us at Blumhouse once that when you set out to make a movie, you just make the best, one individual movie you can. If there’s excitement for a sequel, great! But, don’t bet on it and don’t plan for it.

What was it like for the two of you directing this cast? There are some scenes where you are unnerved but in a good way.

Travis/Chris- You know, the cast was fantastic. They are just great fun people to work with. If you ask anyone of them I think they would say it was like going to camp. You’ll have experiences that you will remember the rest of your life. The crew included.

Do you think it is easier for the two of you to work together? I think from what I’ve seen the two of you work great together.

Travis/Chris- The answer is yes mostly, sometimes no but because we’ll get into a debate. Honestly for the most part it is awesome working with Chris and I am going to speak for Chris and say that it is awesome for him to work with me too. I hope that’s right. We do work well together. We fight for the best outcome. It is having constant support and you are not totally on your own.

What do you want to say to the fans that will be watching?

Travis/Chris- We are just so appreciative of the fans. We are so grateful. I am excited for the fans to see it.

I thank you both so much and keep making great movies. Thank you so much.

Travis/Chris- Thank you so much. Thank you Janel. We will for you.



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