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New Film Clip Debut – Actor/director Jay Baruchel’s new horror film RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE

We have a new clip that debuted today ahead of its world premiere at Fantastic Fest 2019 via Variety

Synopsis for the film (via FF):
Todd Walkley (Jesse Williams) and his publisher Ezra (Jay Baruchel) made their careers crafting a comic book based on a real-life serial killer called Slasherman. On a press tour to announce the launch of their final issue, they visit the town where Slasherman wreaked havoc twenty years earlier. Upon their arrival, a series of new murders unfold… murders that look eerily familiar to imagery in Todd’s Slasherman comics. Speculation and paranoia build regarding the identity of the mysterious killer.

As the title of the film suggests, RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE has no shortage of extreme, gruesome, graphic bloodshed. Whoever is committing these crimes is driven by tremendous anger. The brutality of these murders should not be taken lightly.

With his sophomore feature, Jay Baruchel not only explores the extremities of violence, he also probes important questions about the nature and origin of violent instincts. At a time when video games, music, and genre films are suspected to be causes of horrible real-life crimes, Baruchel’s feature is a necessary and thoughtful commentary on the ways these media may or may not be tied to violent acts.

Through a grimy aesthetic and sharp, incisive writing, RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE rises far beyond its shocking gore to become an important and stirring conversation piece on timely issues in the genre art community.

Here’s more info on the film:

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