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The Human Centipede 2

Tom Six has been hard at work on his follow up to what is widely considered to be the sickest film ever made. This latest will be a full sequence and while a teaser trailer has been released I wouldn’t get to excited yet. There’s not much to it and I’m not sure it leaves me with the desired effect but hey it’s still a movie worth looking forward to.

James Six had this to say “ We didn’t want to reveal that much in the first teaser. So we couldn’t show much except for me. So you see me walk through one of our locations and then I reveal one of the lead characters in the story with a box on his head…We didn’t want to show any material from the set because then you’d see what the centipede looks like and get a peek at the surprise. But you do get a glimpse of the lead actor and he’s really crazy. “ When asked about the twelve person he also added this “ When you see the 12-person centipede on the set, it’s so many people! If you did like 25 people, you’d need an entire street to shoot it. The sets would have to get bigger and bigger to get all the wide angle shots. It would be pretty crazy. “

Will this movie better than the first or just a bigger gross out. Too soon to tell but it’s nice that this sequel isn’t getting pushed to the side and ignored. Try not to overthink this teaser and just enjoy it for what it’s worth.


source: slashfilm.com

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