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Interview: Felissa Rose (2019)

Felissa Rose was a featured guest at the Horror Sideshow Market   in Allentown, PA. September 7, 2019. She was signing autographs, chatting with fans and taking lots of photos. Felissa took a few minutes to chat with Horrornews.net about her new films coming out, her FANGORIA Podcast with Kane Hodder and Tiffany Shepis. Felissa’s love for the Horror community.

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Hi Felissa, is there anything you can share about “A Nun’s Curse?”

Felissa- It is from the amazing mind of Tommy Faircloth. I absolutely adore him. I did “Family Confessions” with him. That’s what I enjoy, getting into the skin of a character that is so well drawn out. She is just great. Tommy is one of my favorite directors. The script is wonderful and it’s coming soon.

How do you feel about the following that “Sleepaway Camp” still has? After all these years, the fans still love it and we all love you.

Felissa- I really appreciate that. I am emotionally invested. People tell me so many stories and what it has done for them in their lives. It is so emotional for me. People of all ages have seen it and I just had three-year old Leah come to the table and tell me she loves Angela. It’s really amazing to me the generations.

I grew up watching horror films. “Sleepaway Camp” is a favorite of mine.

Felissa- Janel, thank you.

My mom is an artist.  She is a brilliant artist and our house was the house everybody hung out at and we watched Horror movies. None of my friends could watch them. But, my mom is open-minded and she looked at them as Art.

Felissa- Like, my house. How we do it!

Yes! She considered the movies art and I considered them an escape as well.

Felissa- You have a mom that communicates with you. It’s entertainment, an art form. I feel that the beauty of horror is that we can come together and live in this world and leave everything that’s happening in our regular lives behind us. It is a beautiful thing of entertainment. I think horror movies are wonderful to watch.

What would you like to say to the fans?

Felissa- The one thing I try to explain is that how grateful I am. I am thankful and I am happy I can meet people at these conventions. When I see people and hear the stories I feel like they are like my closest friends.

Is there anything else you want to say or anything you want to talk about? What about the AMAZING PODCAST?

Felissa- The Fangoria Podcast that I do with Kane Hodder and Tiffany Shepis.

OMG, CASUALTY FRIDAY IS THE GREATEST! I was having the worst day ever the other day and I put that on. I was crying laughing. It is the realest Podcast ever.

(Laughter, she is so interactive with everyone and we laughed so much. She was super sweet.)

Felissa- Thank you. We go from laughing, teasing each other and crying. When we are doing the Podcast, we are not really thinking about anyone listening so I forget when I listen to it. I don’t remember crying.

Well, it rocks and you are awesome. Thank you so much Felissa.

Felissa- Thank you so much.


FELISSA ROSE https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0741378/


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