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‘Revenge of the Slasher’ Now on Amazon Prime.

The award-winning horror comedy short ‘Revenge of the Slasher is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & several English-speaking countries in Africa and the European Union.
This hilarious “slasher rom-com,” produced by Screecher Films; has been praised for its homage to the 80’s B-horror era. “A lot of fun,” says Rue Morgue. “Expect some belly laughs, playful entendres, and some slash and dash throughout,” says HorrorBuzz.
Official Synopsis: The Autumn Hill Killer, also known as Ernie, seeks revenge against the naive virgin who beat him, as she indulges in all the sex and drugs she avoided in order to survive the massacre.

Written and Directed by Julian Hoffman. Starring: Zac Spiegelman, Catherine Brown, Michael Charles McNeil, Maddisyn Fisher & Patrick Fedorov. A BingeHorror/Reel Nightmare Films release.
CAN/AUS/NZ/EU: https://bit.ly/2lZmENL
Vimeo On Demand (Worldwide): https://bit.ly/2xLFE52

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