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Dead Dicks – WORLD PREMIERE & Trailer

Dead Dicks, an independent horror film starring Heston Horwin, Jillian Harris

 and Matt Keyes, will have its World Premiere on 

July 25th at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

TICKETS are available here

When a young nursing student named Becca receives a series of panicked messages from her older brother Richie, she rushes over to check on him. Following a seemingly successful suicide attempt, Richie, who suffers from mental illness, has discovered what appears to be his own dead body. When Becca gets to his apartment, they find more dead versions of Richie and together, try to figure out how and why he keeps being reborn each time he takes his own life.

Dead Dicks Movie Trailer from Chris Bavota on Vimeo.

For their directorial debut, Canadian filmmaking duo Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer took a DYI approach, writing, producing and directing Dead Dicks with a small cast and crew of mostly friends and family.

Dead Dicks is an independent feature produced by Postal Code Films in association with Red Clay Productions. It is written, produced and directed by Chris Bavota & Lee Paula Springer, alongside Producers Albert I. Melamed and Matt Keyes, and Executive Producer Heston Horwin.

Visit the WEBSITE here

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