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New Poster, Trailer & Stills for CELEBRITY CRUSH

Debut poster, trailer & stills for CELEBRITY CRUSH!   The film is written & directed by Oliver Robins (Poltergeist), who also stars.  The film follows a delusional fan who imprisons the star of a 80s horror movie inside a rural Florida house with the hope of making him fall in love with her.

Production Company: Kyyba Films

Written & Directed by: Oliver Robins

Producers: Michael Baumgarten, Oliver Robins

Executive Producers: Tel Ganesan, G.B. Thimotheose

Co-Executive Producers: Shane Croft, Jeff Rubin

Co-Producers: Andrew Durliat, Alissa Schneider, Erin Sheahan, Sebastian Twardosz

Associate Producers: Kira Howe, Christine Reynolds

Starring: Oliver Robins, Alissa Schneider, Melissa McNerney, Jonathan D. Lee, Wade Williams, Eddie Craig

When the B horror movie CHAIN-FACE CLOWN was released in 1985, no one knew the film would one day become a classic. Well, at least by a select group of horror movie fans. The film’s biggest fan, 29 year-old EMILY LYNESSA always knew she was going to meet and fall in love with JONATHAN BLAKLEE, mid 40s, the star of CHAIN-FACE CLOWN. Her plan is simple: Meet Jonathan at an up-coming signing for the DVD and lure him back to her home where Jonathan will be imprisoned inside her home until he realizes Emily is the one for him.

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