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Home | Psychological Thriller Tear Us Apart Starring Elma Begovic (Bite) Makes World Premiere

Psychological Thriller Tear Us Apart Starring Elma Begovic (Bite) Makes World Premiere

Psychological Thriller Tear Us Apart starring Elma Begovic (Bite) makes world premiere in the U.S.

Tear Us Apart a psychological thriller from Director Devin Clarke and Producer Francesco Loschiavo, will make its world premiere at the 2019 Southeast New England (SENE) Film, Music and Arts Festival on Friday May 17th.

Tear Us Apart tells the story of a young couple, Drew and Helen Hayes, who are taken to a cottage in the woods for intensive counselling following the disappearance of their daughter. As they work to resolve their issues they struggle with what is real and what is a figment of their mental recovery.

The film is a subversive genre bending thriller, that takes place at a secluded cabin in the woods. Being compared as a cross between Don’t Look Now and The Invitation, the film stars genre star Elma Begovic as Helen Hayes, whom is best known for her lead role as Casey in Bite. Begovic stars alongside Michael Lipka, best known for Let Her Out.

“We tried to do something different with the genre.” said Clarke. “There’s a lot of masked man slashers, and cabin in the wood films already out there. And we tried to make something that is a genre film but at its core is dealing with themes of grief and loss”.

“The script was unlike anything I had ever read in the genre.” said Loschiavo. “Our writer John Kelley really delved into the dark side of what human beings are capable of. We look forward to seeing how audiences react at the festival.”

Clarke is an award winning Canadian-born, U.S.-based independent filmmaker. After Graduating from The Vancouver Film School, he moved to Toronto in 2009 and worked as an assistant editor on a number of TV shows, including, Camelot, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, and Degrassi. Devin has directed many short films and Tear Us Apart is his feature film directorial debut.

Loschiavo is a Canadian born, and U.K. based filmmaker. He grew up in Mississauga, Canada and currently runs an independent production company Envoi Entertainment. He has worked in film production for over a decade, and is best known for producing the U.K. documentary Refugee, official selection DOC NYC 2018.

Tear Us Apart will world premiere at the SENE film festival on Friday May 17th 2019, at 10:00PM at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, RI.  Tickets are on sale currently for $10.00 at SENEfest.com. In attendance for a Q&A after the premiere will be Writer John Kelley, Director Devin Clarke, Producer Francesco Loschiavo, and Executive Producer Harman Gill.

Tear Us Apart is presented by Envoi Entertainment in association with Phase 2 Entertainment and Back of The Sun Media.

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