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World Premiere: The Pale Faced Lady (2019)

For Immediate Release:

“The Pale Faced Lady” is a brand new short film from Writer/Producer/Director Jeff Payne (CallMeJeff86) that captures haunting imagery with old fashion storytelling designed to scare. It’s a classic ghost story but it’s also very reminiscent of movies like “The Ring” and “The Grudge”.

Jeff Payne is well known for his trending fan film “Michael vs Jason” which brought the worlds of Halloween and Friday the 13th crashing together with half a million views.

A few years ago, I had recurring dreams about a ghostly woman who inhabited the apartment we lived In. The more I paid attention to her, the closer she got. When I tried to ignore her, she would get angry.

Bringing a nightmare to the real world is a very haunting experience. Seeing this character in my head come to life is something that I’ll never be able to explain.

I couldn’t have created this by myself. I had the most amazing team of individuals backing me. Every single person on set delivered their craft at a masterful level. To all of the cast and crew that jumped on board this project, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Pale Faced Lady is a narrative driven story based on my nightmare.

My objective in making this is to scare the absolute daylights out of you. Watch it in the dark, on a big screen, with the volume high, and let me know what you think!” – Jeff Payne


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