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A Saga of Sadness Now Available

The last two years of my life was a complete whirlwind. To look back on this film makes me smile. The team that helped me create this series, the friendships I’ve made, and the all around support I have been given, I am forever grateful. Never did I think this nightmare I had 8 years ago would turn into a 2 year long project. I couldn’t be more proud of this saga, and it’s all because of the people that are in my lives. I am here because of you.

This film is a combination of “She Will Return” paired with “In Darkness I Wait” to give you the complete story. To me, structurally, I feel this is the most cohesive way to watch them. You get all of the story and buildup with “She Will Return” leading into the jump scare roller coaster that is “In Darkness I Wait”. I took it a step further and reshot a few scenes, refined the audio for more atmosphere, and gave the entire project some adjustments to make sure that I try and deliver the scariest film I can.

To the cast, crew, family, friends, followers, likes, and shares, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of this journey. I couldn’t have created this nightmare without you.

Please enjoy “A Saga Of Sadness”

– Jeff Payne

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