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Film Review: The Visitor (short film) (2018)

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Someone goes about their evening, unaware that they have a “visitor”.


I have to say, to begin with, I wasn’t feeling all that impressed with The Visitor. I think the filmmakers were definitely going for a low budget feel, which I fully appreciate, but the way they went about it somehow just didn’t grab me. I felt like I was just watching somebody go about their day. However, maybe that was the intention, and I do wonder if, had I just stumbled across this on YouTube, or if a friend had sent it to me with no comment about what I was about to watch, I might have been more on the edge of my seat. That said, the music did not do much to help build the tension.

What is nice, however, is when we eventually see “The Visitor”, and this goes against pretty much everything I believe in regarding horror. I feel like in every review I write I’m saying how I don’t want to see the monster or, at best, I will discuss how original the monster is. This monster is probably not all that unique in the grand scheme of things but there is something about the way it overwhelms the end of the film that is really interesting and pulls the whole film together in a visual representation of mental illness.

I was most of the way through this short, worried about what I was going to say about it because I felt like nothing had happened. But I would actually love to see a longer film written around the final scene.

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