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Film Review: The Rizzle (short film) (2018)

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A girl stumbles across a mysterious video online. Elena loves the roaring 1920s. A fondness she’ll soon regret.


This horror short is beautifully simple and scarily relatable. We have all found curiously bizarre things in the dark corners of the internet – those corners are a little easier to find and a little less creepy these days what with everything being uploaded to YouTube. However, The Rizzle plays on this nicely by showing us a video with no views, no likes, no uploader, nothing to anchor it to the internet we know.

Despite the creepiness of the video for us as viewers, the girl in this short seems unperturbed, making the film an interesting example of how we have become disconnected to things we see online and the dangers this might hold.

There might also be something to say about the problem of reminiscing too much on the past? Honestly, this short is so good, and probably has so many levels, you don’t even need any of this analysis to enjoy it. It’s pretty scary, the music is just the right balance of upbeat and ominous, and the “chase-down” nearly made me cover my eyes. The Rizzle is a class piece of horror.

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