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IFC MIDNIGHT Welcomes you to MERCY Next MONTH!

Three more weeks to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!
Three more weeks to Halloween – IFC Midnight!
(Silver Shamrock wouldn’t let us use their name, unfortunately.)

Hey gang, we’re in the thick of the Halloween season (finally!), and we’ve got horror movies on our mind (which we usually do). This time out, it’s two terrific new films that we’ll be bringing out next month, starting with the demonic possession shocker WELCOME TO MERCY on November 2, and then THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER, starring Dylan McDermott, coming November 16!

Possession movies.  We all dig ’em.  Hell (pun intended), they’re some of the best horror films ever made.  But how many possession movies are told from the point of view of the possessed? Not a lot, and that’s what intrigued us so much about WELCOME TO MERCY, because on top of some good old fashioned posessin’, you have a mystery: Why is this woman possessed?  What reason could there be for it?  It’s not just the devil having himself some fun, is it?  There has to be more to that, right?  Well, there is, but we’re not giving that away here.  What sets WELCOME TO MERCY apart is that it offers this unique scenario and builds a real movie around it, one with characters we like and an amazing setting.  It’s a beautiful looking film, too, and it’s anchored by an excellent performance from Kristen Ruhlin, who also wrote the screenplay (Tommy Bertelsen directs).  WELCOME TO MERCY is a demonic mystery unlike a lot of other possession films, and we’re anxious to hear what you think of it when we release it in select theaters and on VOD November 2.

A young woman struggles against the unholy forces that possess her in this terrifying occult thriller. After being stricken with stigmata, single mother Madaline (Kristen Ruhlin) is sent to a remote convent where nothing is what it seems and her friend August (Lily Newmark) is seemingly the only person she can trust. Together, they must confront the demons inside Madaline before she becomes the Antichrist.

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