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Kate Beckinsale: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Kate Beckinsale, The perfect saucy vampire chick Selene from the Underworld franchise has long been on the radar for horror fans who have enjoyed her performances over the years.

Roles in “Van Helsing”, “Stonehearst Asylum”, “Total Recall”, “Whiteout” and “Fragments” represent a few of Kate’s acting roles which range from thriller, horror releases to drama, comedy, romance inclusions.

Undeniably Kate Beckinsale is someone we love to see on screen in different scenarios with her hotter performances still aligned closer with gothy vampire appearances.

Underworld wouldn’t have gone on as long as it has without Kate’s inclusion making for a healthy 5 releases that collectively are absolutely entertaining! Moving on to the main attraction here, Kate Beckinsale and the word sexy seem to go hand in hand if not apparent from our healthy collective below. Fans of the genre or just her work should be elated to find some really great sexy images below in our Kate Beckinsale Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection! Check out these are more hot photos, such as those seen here