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Viral Outbreak Horror to Infect US Audiences this September

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired Worldwide Rights to the viral outbreak horror feature EPIDEMIC. Breaking Glass acquired rights to the film in June in a deal negotiated between Breaking Glass CEO Rich Wolff and writer/director Stephen Michael Giglio of Pomerantz Pictures. The film will arrive on DVD & VOD on September 25, 2018.

The debut feature from writer/director Stephen Michael Giglio and co-writer Adam Romanchik, and shot entirely in Philadelphia, EPIDEMIC stars Andrew Hunsicker (Law of Perdition, “House of Cards”), Amanda K. Morales (Dagger Kiss), Gina Destra (“Trading Spaces”, Split), and Mike Sutton (Hunting for Justice,An Ambitious Man).

“Epidemic is a psychological horror film, examining how human beings are beset by addiction and sickness that arises when our desire to feel good gets out of control and turns into a disease”, said Giglio.

A deadly pathogen is unleashed and unknowingly carried to Dana’s 30th birthday party, where her estranged father, Rufus, is coming to make amends. What begins as a family drama soon escalates to a horrific turning point as the epidemic spreads and Rufus fights to save his daughter’s life.

“Director Stephen Michael Giglio has crafted not just a chilling body horror tale, but also an intimate look at a family broken apart by addiction and how far some will go to save the ones they love“, said Wolff. “We’re thrilled to bring this complex, skin crawling feature film debut to audiences.”


Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Running Time: 71 min.

Rating: NR

Language: English

Audio: Stereo

SRP: $24.99

UPC Code: 855184007464


Andrew Hunsicker

Amanda K. Morales

Shelley Brietling

Joe Walz

Gina Destra

Marquis Valdez

Grant Behmke

Andrea Helfrich

Mike Sutton

Ryan Crepeck

Chloe Carroll

Gabby Scarantino

Directed by: Stephen Michael Giglio

Written by: Adam Romanchik, Stephen Michael Giglio

Producers: Adam Romanchik, Stephen Michael Giglio

Executive Producers: Stephen Michael Giglio, Mike Pomerantz, Ruth Pomerantz, Susan Pomerantz, Richard Wolff, Susan Helfrich, Richard Ross

Associate Producer: Scott Motisko

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