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Interview: Ben Henderson (Cautionary Comics)

What made you start Cautionary Comics?
Great question. I’ve loved reading comics since I was a child, and have been a longtime creative writer. I’ve decided to take all of my books and screenplays, and write them in such a way that the morals and lessons in them will be preserved and presented in a fun and entertaining way for my children and future grandchildren to enjoy for generations to come.

What sets Cautionary Comics apart from other brands?
The foundation of cautionary comics is a well crafted comic book universe that I’ve written over the past 20 years. It includes 50 titles, all interconnected with deep character development, combined with fun 80’s style action.

How did you get started with writing?
I added Duke Ellington School Of The Arts for High School. That’s where I first started taking writing seriously. I spending many years taking other writing courses and kept writing while I worked and traveled globally for twenty years. It’s a great way to manage stress. I ended up with a collection of over fifty stories. I decided to write them all into one shared Comic Book Universe which took six years or so. For RAVAGE – KILL ALL MEN we were lucky enough to have Mr. Chuck Dixon of BATMAN fame to come on board and write with us! It’s been amzing!

What inspires you to create?
My wife and children

You just brought Chuck Dixon on board Cautionary Comics. How did that happen and what can we expect to see from this alliance?

Well, It’s a long involved story. I went on a walkabout in Australia which is where I got my magic hat. That is where I began re-writing all of my old screenplays into new comic book sagas in a shared universe I call THE CAUTIONVERSE. Oddly enough after I met Chuck (Dixon), and we had a chance to finally share stories, I found out that he was also on the same walkabout, but had left just a few days before me.

From there, I chartered a small plane to fly me to Varanasi to attend The International Psychic Spoon Bending gathering to meet my friend and fellow student Miquael Res. Where our guru hosted us over a dish of fried Lentils and Bhang Lassi. A wild-eyed distinguished American Man won the spoon bending competition that year and I came in second. I later found out that the man who won the first prize was none other than Chuck Dixon. I could not tell who he was at the time due to my over consumption of Bhang Lassi.

After the competition, I felt a calling, a great pull, to return once again to Atlantis. So I chartered a small boat, got into a few adventures on the way, and headed out to once again face The Bermuda Triangle. I finally arrived at the Bimini Trail, the entryway to the Lost City Of Atlantis, and equipped my scuba gear. An eerie feeling washed over me as I dove down. Which was odd as this was not my first time exploring The Bermuda Triangle and all of my previous visits to Atlantis have always been positive.

That is when I saw a shimmering light. As I swam closer I began to make out a figure in scuba gear and a purple headlamp floating down in the depths near the secret passageway to the Atlantean Treasure Vault.

Someone was there waiting for my arrival! Someone knew I was coming! We both rose toward the sun so that we could speak. We broke the ocean surface, and as my eyes adjusted to the Florida sun, I realized that it was none other than CHUCK DIXON! He said only one sentence to me and I will never forget it, “ He asked me what my favorite James Bond movie was and seemed pleased with my answer.”

Feels like just yesterday! I’ve been his Apprentice Fictioneer ever since. The old saying is true when the Apprentice is ready the Master will appear.

Tell fans a little about Ravage – Kill All Men?
Sex. Action. Mayhem

Why is Cautionary Comics are a good fit for horror fans?
We have many mature horror comics coming out! Including Magus: inner demons and more!

What is your earliest memory of liking the horror genre (comics, movies, or otherwise)?
ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK! Also, my first crush! I used to watch on a small old black and white T.V. with broken rabbit ears. I’d have to adjust the reception often but it was well worth it! Then all the old school Universal Movies which are still some of my favorites! Then, of course, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Hellraizer and all the amazing 70s and 80’s Horror Flicks! Our Comic Book titled, THE MAGUS is about a young guy in the 80s whos fiancee was kidnapped! He gets possessed by an evil spirit and uses it to help him raise hell to get her back!

What is your all-time favorite comic book?
Hands down. Incredible Hulk 181

What other stories can we expect to see coming from Cautionary Comics?
We have THE MAGUS – Inner Demons Saga which has a heavy 80s horror vibe. Also, THE OFFWORLDER which is like The Highlander in Space in a way. The story is about a Scottish Highlander who sacrifices himself to the Gods to save his people. Now he has to fight an intergalatic war to save them! It’s gonna be a wild ride! Thank you to all our supports and those to come! We wouldn’t be here without you!


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