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Home | Murder In The Woods Starring Jose Julian And Danny Trejo Wins Top Award At La Skins Festival

Murder In The Woods Starring Jose Julian And Danny Trejo Wins Top Award At La Skins Festival

Murder In The Woods Starring Jose Julian And Danny Trejo Wins Top Award At La Skins Festival

Luis Iga’s new ground breaking film Murder in the Woods is already becoming a cult classic. The film has sold out every screening at film festivals to date, and the LA Skins Fest was no exception.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  – Playing to a packed house at the world famous TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Luis Iga’s highly anticipated horror/slasher had the audience gasping at times and literally screaming at others. This was not the first time Murder in the Woods, written by Yelyna De Leon sold out the TCL Chinese Theatre, just weeks before, the film sold out the same theater for the prestigious Guadalajara International Film Festival in LA (FICG in LA). Just one day before the screening at LA Skins the filmmakers were honored with the Achievement in Film Award which is given to the best feature film in the festival.

The LA Skins Festival is a free event that offers new opportunities to Native American filmmakers. They offer additional programming to further encourage Native American filmmakers, including a monthly writer’s group, monthly director’s workshop and the youth multimedia workshops. LA Skins Fest founder and festival director Ian Skorodin said, “Murder in the Woods was an incredible close to the 2017 LA SKINS FEST. We haven’t had a film with this much impact, star power and support that closed our festival.”

The film is getting rave reviews from fans and critics, and the horror community has taken notice as well. Before the screening at the LA Skins Fest, there was a red-carpet reception and horror stalwarts like Tony Moran (Halloween) and Sybil Danning (the Howling 2) came out to show their support for this genre film.

“My childhood dream blended into reality by selling out the TCL Chinese Theater not once but twice.” Said director/producer Luis Iga. “As a first time Director and Producer It was such an honor to be part of the LA Skins Film Festival. I want to thank festival directors, Ian Skorodin and Patricia Gomes, for the Top Award of the Festival and for opening their doors to us and our indigenous communities of Mexico, Central and South America. Thank you for helping us breakdown the barriers of diversity in Hollywood by screening our film which has a diverse cast in lead non-stereotypical roles” he added.

The film, which starts off as typical kids in the woods fare, and incorporates a couple of genius twists, features an All-Latino cast. writer/producer De Leon says, “I am so very honored and grateful to receive the Achievement in Film Award for Murder in the Woods, at the LA. Skins fest, which is doing amazing things for our indigenous communities. From the beginning of my film career, which initially started when I was just a kid in Chicago, I realized that there wasn’t anyone that looked like me on television. My goal since then has been to write strong characters for people of color, especially for girls, women and Latinas so that the world can see that brown is beautiful. Being able to share my work on this film which includes a diverse cast and strong women in non-stereotypical and lead roles, on the big screen to a sold-out audience at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, is truly a dream come true.”

Murder in the Woods, continues to make its festival run. Up next: PDX Extreme in Portland, Oregon on December 2nd, which is already sold out, and Macabre Faire Film Festival in Long Island January 12-14, 2018. The ensemble lead cast includes actors Jose Julian (A Better Life, Shameless), Jeanette Samano (ISA, Female Fight Squad), Chelsea Rendon (McFarland, USA), Catherine Toribio (Jane the Virgin), Jordan Diambrini (The Outfield) and Kade Wise (Lucifer). It also features Danny Trejo (Machete), Soledad St. Hilaire (Beatriz at Dinner), Kurt Caceres (Dexter) and Rolando Molina (American Dad!).

Murder In The Woods is a production of REZINATE Entertainment, founded by Luis Iga. REZINATE partnered up with Yelyna De Leon to produce this film. Both graduated with an MFA in Film and Television Production from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California (USC) where they met.

About REZINATE Entertainment:

REZINATE is an entertainment company founded by Luis Iga. The company is involved in the Production and Financing of audiovisual projects including Film, Television, Animation, Video Games and Virtual Reality. REZINATE has a global presence and clients and projects that are developed around the world.

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