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Interview: Jon Morvay (Lobster Girl, Bible Black)

Bible Black is is horrifically grim and realistic, and left me feeling appreciative of life after reading them.  Is there any truth to them, or are they all purely fictional?

Unfortunately for Human-Kind they are all true!  I am glad you embraced your life even if it was just for a fleeting second after reading them.  I don’t want to go Clint Eastwood and get sentimental here but “Make my Day!” Your words are greatly appreciated!

The first segment has God ending himself because of the faults and failures of creation. Given the content, I imagine it was not received well by religious readers.  What prompted you to write such a disturbingly powerful piece?

Lots of angry readers.  I wish I didn’t put this up front as people are burning the book early and not getting to read the Dr. Seuss-like banter. LOL. The Religious right hates  this story.  My apologies to them.  I am a former Altar Boy with many issues (insert laughter).

I actually got a death threat phone message from some coward regarding this Quasi Poem.  I try to understand every point of view as I am a writer and soak up depravity and pain like a sponge.  The problem people have with that particular vision is… People feel God would have abandoned us if he blew his Holy Brains out all over the snow white Heavens.  That is something people can’t bear to live with.  There would be no meaning to life if God gave up on us.  It is O.K. to give up on God as long as you say 10 Our Father’s, 5 Hail Mary’s, and clean the sticky, dried blood off your Clown Suit.

In all seriousness… imagine God looking down on this cesspool of inhumanity as we come up with sociopathic and creative ways every day to figure out to screw someone harder and lower than ever before… sexually, financially, spiritually, WE are fucking Disgrace to God!!!! We abandoned God’s Message light years ago.

What happened to Lobster Girl after the end of Bible Black?

I wrote the original as a one-shot and never expected to have the sales numbers and the interest with such a unique themed and polarizing comic.  It was the highest selling independent comic of the year.  I think people are tired of X-men, etc.  The fans are talking and the story has hit a nerve with every love-sick psychopath like me.  I hear you my “Mad in Love” compadres (Follement Amourese)… I have to get to work on Lobster Girl 2.  Even I am excited to find out what happens. : )  My wheels are turning.

What is it about Isosommpi and Bergen’s artistic style that caused you to choose them for Bible Black?

Art, Music, and Words are a “menage a trois” for me.  I first saw Shelley Bergen’s work on Deviantart.  I was so moved from the pain of her work I had to collaborate with her.  She brought Antti Isosomppi into project as well, she realized his vision would be equally as valuable.   I saw her pictures and wrote my text.  The text was “poetic to a fault”.


Your stories are gut wrenching at times, playing on reality in ways that invoke strong emotions from some readers.  These stories contain the darkest parts of our humanity.  Is there a message behind them that you’d like to convey to our readers?

I am going to quote my literary idol Hubert Selby Jr. from one of his short stories to pay homage to his genius.

“But I knew that someday I was going to die. And just before I died two things would happen, 1. I would regret my entire life, and 2. I would want to live my life over again.”

The Bible Black segment “Crazy Crackers”.  Can you tell us a bit about the narrator? 

That is a story my father told me when he was in WW2.  It is 100% accurate.  My father is the sweetest, gentlest guy in the world.  If you are going to survive a World War, you must learn to be a savage and then come home and be a music teacher and forget everything!

Wow, so Crazy Crackers is based off your father?

He was a soldier that witnessed Crazy Crackers.  He is a sweet guy that survived one of the most brutal conflicts. Hard to imagine what his era went through.

You have told me that part of Bible Black is autobiographic.  Which parts and how true to reality are they?

Goldless and sticky dollars are some of the cheery adolescent stories I have personally lived through.  They shaped my being.  You don’t write the material that I do by living in Beverly Hills and starring in a top-rated reality TV show.

“Godless” is a true account from your life?  How does this affect the way you feel today about abortion?

As a kid we have anti-abortion shoved down our throats.  The religious right is very dangerous in the real world.  It’s not pretty but we all live in the real world… obviously I am pro woman’s rights.


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