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Interview: Joshua Winch (Anna)

When did you know you wanted to get into to film making?

Joshua- I have kind of always been fascinated with the performing arts in general, but it wasn’t until I was in college majoring in Theatre when I started to think that being a filmmaker was something I could really do. I have had many ups and downs trying to follow that path, but Michael and Gerald Crum have been terrific. The best production partners anyone could ask for.

Thank you for the “Lake Fear” DVD – Could you tell us a little bit about shooting the film and what it was like working on “Lake Fear?” It is a terrific film.

Joshua- You are very welcome, I am sure I can speak for Michael and Gerald too when I say thanks for saying “Lake Fear” is terrific!

That was such a fun script…of course there was a lot of hard work that went into making the film, but it was a really great cast and crew. So…the great memories are all that really remain! Just so much blood, and so many silly…kind of…you want us to do what scenarios!

In “Anna” you play Cameron, did you do anything specific to prepare to play Cameron?

Joshua- I worked very closely with Michael and Gerald to give them the Cameron that they were looking for. We had many discussions about how Cameron should be played, what he should be wearing, and how the scene would playout. Unfortunately, that scene didn’t make the final cut of the film. That is part of the film business though and making sure that the fans get the best possible movie is the most important thing!

What is next for you? What can we expect to see next?

Joshua- Well, we are still promoting “Lake Fear” and “Allegiance of Powers” was just released on streaming, it will come out on DVD 8/15 of this year. “Fall of Grace” as well as “Anna” is scheduled to be released by ITN later this year. You will have many chances to see the MGI logo and our names on DVDs in the market over this next year and hopefully for years to come!

Do you feel there will be a sequel for “Anna” or “Lake Fear?”

Joshua- We already have a deal in place to bring you a sequel to “Lake Fear”, and should be filming that later this year. As far as a sequel for “Anna”, Gerald has a storyline developed and ready to go…Now we wait and see if the fans want to see more!

You have acting and producing credits. What do you think you have learned from each one and which is the most difficult?

Joshua- They are both very different jobs…but I love film making, and I love being a part of the process, whatever it takes! I guess while I am doing it, the acting is a bit more difficult, but you know that old saying “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”? That is the by far the best advice, I have ever been given!

As far as what I have learned for being an actor and a producer, all I can say is..it is hard work, you have to love it to do it, and I love every minute of it!

Do you have a favorite horror film of all-time?

Joshua- “The Haunting (1963)” is amazing, I like camp though, I like comedy added to my horror so, “Bubba Hotep” “Shaun of the Dead” “Hell Baby” a lot!

Who has inspired you professionally?

Joshua- I have had a number of people inspire me professionally but none more than the Crum brothers, their work ethic is unparalleled, their creativity knows no bounds, and the tenacity and loyalty they show when making a film is more than inspirational than a “Rocky” movie workout montage.

“Anna” has such a creepy feel to it. Was the doll inspired by a personal experience?

Joshua- Gerald and Michael oddly enough have an obsession with porcelain dolls. And they had a relationship with these sisters…as far as I know they drew from these shared love experiences and you know what they say about the thin line between love and hate.

What do you want to say to the fans/audiences? Not only of “Anna” but all the work you have done?

Thank you! I mean it, thank you for watching! Without the audience whether fan, friend, or relative I/We wouldn’t be able to keep making films and living out our dreams! It is because you, I get to make films, thank you for that again and again. I would get fired from any other job.

Thank you so much!



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