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Gruesome Magazine Debut Issue Available Now

Gruesome Magazine
on Sale Now

From the Creators of Horror News Radio

Doc Rotten and his Grue-Crew have created something so despicably horrifying that just flipping the pages could send you into convulsions with side effects of uncontrollable vomiting. If you decide to read the content, be warned that it may cause hallucinations and possibly death.

Available now in digital format and coming soon via Print on Demand, the Grue-Crew are proud to present the very first edition of Gruesome Magazine. The quarterly magazine will focus on independent horror films, horror film festivals, and the future of horror. The digital magazine is available for $3.99 and the print edition is available for $9.99, click the appropriate link below for the version you would like to own. The magazine is 8.5 x 11, full color, and 48 pages.

We will be appearing at the following Horror Conventions and Film Festivals

Raleigh Supercon – July 14-16, 2017 – Raleigh, NC
Monster-Mania – August 18-20, 2017 – Cherry Hill, NJ
Monsterama – September 29 – October 1, 2017 – Atlanta, GA

Doc Rotten, The Black Saint, Dave Dreher, and Thomas Mariani will all be appearing at DRAGONCON (September 1 – 4, 2017, Atlanta, GA) as Attending Professionals.

•Editorial by Doc Rotten
•Night of Something Strange – Jonathan Straiton’s Gooey, Grimy Gorefest by John Black
•Isaac Ezban – Filmmaking From Another Dimension by Joseph Perry
•Addiction, Emotion, & Brutal Honesty – Clint Carney on Dry Blood by Thomas Mariani
•Sex, Violence, & Inhumanity – Scott Schirmer on the Feral Fears of Plank Face by Kieran Fisher
•Terror Haunts the Forest – Patrick Rea and the Making of Arbor Demon by The Black Saint
•Found Footage 3D – Steven DeGennaro Forges The Rules of Enragement by Mike Imboden
•Robert Kurtzman, FX Legend – Supporting Indie Horror with Practical Effects by Dave Dreher
•Of Waitresses and Werewolves – Scream Queen Kristi Ray in White Drift by Doc Rotten
•Marketing an Award Winning Short – Shant Hamassian on Night of the Slasher by Christopher G. Moore
•Motel Hell – Farmer Vincent’s Fritters & All Kinds of Critters by Jeff Mohr
•Mystics in Bali – Flying Heads, Pig Men, & Indonesian Sorcery by Bill Mulligan
•New York City Horror Film Festival – Michael J. Hein, The Visionary Who Started It All by The Black Saint
•Horror Film Festival Calendar – When & Where To Catch the Future of Horror by Paul Cardullo


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