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Book Review: The Nightmare Man – Author Mick Franklin

The Nightmare Man
Author Mick Franklin

Kirill was a survivor intent on leaving the ungodly confines of  his current residence, a desolate Russian prison. Known simply by the nickname of “The Nightmare Man”, he was determined in rehabilitating his body strength with intent to do what others dare not. Freedom was within reach if one could survive the cold terrains surrounding this remote hellhole, Siberia. Kirill had a plan.

The Bear (The Colonel in charge) as he was called by the others, took an iron hand to making sure the prison’s inmates were properly educated on the repercussions of trying to escape or failing to abide by the rules.

Nephew Anton, there by invitation, had just arrived with the sole purpose of concentrating on his psychology studies while also gaining valuable first hand experience under the confines of a real working prison environment.

It was a visit that would prove to add far more realism than anticipated. None-the-less, with his Uncle their running the show, it sounded like the kind of material needed to give his resume that needed boost over his “book-smart” peers.

This begins our horror drama titled” The Nightmare Man” penned under the authorship of writer Mick Franklin. “The Nightmare Man” is a compelling tale that works much like you might envision from an adventure drama playing out in a TV series. While drawing the reader in, this novel provides a visually rich backdrop complete with sights, sounds, and anticipated outcomes leading us from one chapter to the next. Horror fans will delight in a new offering of zombie-based content.

While playing both the protagonist and an antagonist, Kirill becomes the Rick Grimes of this story as he is plunged headfirst into a reality he didn’t see coming. While taking on a cohort named Sasha along the way Kirill soon finds the nearby city has been overrun with zombies and the Russian mafia making for a literal war zone of kills and survival. Our The Nightmare Man often jumping back and forth between villain to hero.

Author Mick Franklin keeps things hopping around every corner with plenty of bloodshed, carnage, and Russian violence building on a literal kill-fest incorporating the KGB, gangsters, and the living dead. If you can imagine the conflict of interests playing out then your in for a whirlwind of visceral confrontations.

Worlds are turned upside with each trying to gain the upper hand in this new apocalyptic setting of mayhem and chaos. Zombies run rampant ready to feast, snipers emerge intent on killing anything in their path, KGB hunt un-relentlessly while our main characters plot and kill just to stay alive.
Now add in the harsh weather conditions to boot!

Franklin provides a visual narration around every corner giving us the play-by-play between action moments. Heavy on gore and death, “The Nightmare Man is a perfect blend of genres offering up something for everyone.

“The Nightmare Man: A Russian Zombie Novel” (extended title) is Mick Franklin’s crazy horrific debut paving the way for this new horror author and whatever he comes up with down the road. Fans of the genre and all things zombie will love the fresh approach to the living dead subject matter married in a Russian setting set in the dead of winter. Each chapter reveals another twist as this epic horror tale takes form providing a smattering of thrills and chills.

To pick up a copy of “The Nightmare Man: A Russian Zombie Novel” make sure and head on over to Amazon now available in Kindle and paperback.

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