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Interview: Angelica Chitwood (Psychos 2017)

Hello Angelica, How are you?

Angelica- I am great!

Tell us about “Psychos” and how you got involved with the film?

Angelica-I just submitted myself for an audition on the website that you can submit yourself on and I got called for an audition, got a couple of call-backs and got cast.

Did you do anything special to prepare to play Sasha in the film?

Angelica- Not really, I don’t usually do a whole lot. I know there are some actors that will prepare for weeks for roles, they will dress up in certain things, talk a certain way and be that character for weeks upon end before filming. I am just not that guy.  I kind of just pop in to it when I get on-set.

What was it like for you working with the director?

Angelica- It was great. This was her directorial debut. She had a lot going on and wore about eighty different hats. She did a great job.

Tell us about the music you make. It is amazing. What are you doing music-wise now and where can everyone find your music?

Angelica- I just put out another concept music video for my single “Choose Joy” and that is on YouTube. You can find all of my music videos and all of my singles on YouTube. You can get them on itunes, Amazon, Spotify. I am on a whole bunch of online venues in terms of the singles.

I am about to go in to the studio again, I think starting next week. I have been writing and preparing for my next album. I am looking at an October 2017 release date. I am going to do a whole album this time as opposed to just singles like I did last year. I released five singles last year a month apart between June and October. Instead of doing that I figured I would do a whole album and get it all done at once and get it out by my birthday in October. This will be more of a soul album.

How did you get in to acting and music?

Angelica- My mother was an actress when she was younger and she became an acting teacher. My father is a musician, always was. He was playing the strip opposite Eddie Van Halen during the seventies and he just happened to meet my mother and have kids and kind of go the family route instead. He was set up for major success but then he kind of went and did the whole husband, father and my mother started teaching so they both decided to be parents.

When I was a young girl I immediately wanted to take my mother’s classes and my dad and I would sing together so from a very young age they both were heavy influences on me. They have always been extremely supportive and there for me and they still are till this day.

You have played a lot of different characters and you have been in a lot of different genres. Do you have a favorite genre to work in?

Angelica- I get joy out of a lot of different types of acting. Dramatic acting is so fulfilling. I’ve been known to be a heavy crier in films so I tend to get a lot of those really heavy, raw dramatic roles. I find it to be wildly thrilling. At the same time I love doing comedy. I love doing dry, ridiculous comedy. Comedic timing to me is an art in itself. I also love musical theater and things of that sort.

What would be your dream role?

Angelica- In terms of a dream role I think if I could put together the two things that I love the most which are acting and singing I would. I would love to do a film about, whether it would be playing a musician that already existed or a fictional story I would love to do a film where I am singing and acting.

Would you ever go in to directing?

Angelica- I think it would really fulfilling to direct one day. I know that when I’ve been on-sets that I have a lot of instinct in me to kind of see the projects from a directorial point of view.

What do you want to say to the fans?

Angelica- Well to the fans I hope you enjoy PSYCHOS. Keep supporting independent film. It is an art in itself to be able to make films for such a little amount of money. You have got actors that are bleeding themselves dry. To the fans who are trying to be actors or actresses you know make sure that if you decide to put your life into that, that you really love it. It is a hard choice, a hard life. It takes a lot of sacrifice. I guess that would be my biggest note to any fans that are thinking about becoming actors. Make sure you really love it and that are ready to devout your time, life and sacrifice for it. It has definitely been a life full of sacrifices for me personally.

What is next for you movie-wise?

Angelica- I have a couple projects that are coming out this year that I have some smaller roles in. One of them is called “The Best People.” Another one is called, “Devotion” starring Kevin Sorbo. They haven’t gone into production yet so I am still waiting to hear the dates. “The Best People” should be coming out at the end of the year. I just actually reconnected with an old manager that I was with as a child and we just kind of started working together again. We have gotten the band back together.  I am looking forward to seeing what types of projects come up this year. Meanwhile, I’ll be in the studio doing my music while I wait for those to come about.




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