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Monster A-Go Go: Special Collector’s Edition – the worst movie ever!!!

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of This Iconic, Cult Favorite, Voted ‘The Worst Movie Ever’ by Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and Just About Everyone Else)! Just in Time for Halloween, on DVD Oct. 19th  – It’s so Bad, it’s Good!

In celebration of the film’s 45th anniversary, a special DVD collector’s edition of the iconic cult favorite Monster A-Go Go is being released just in time for Halloween, Oct. 19, from Synergy Entertainment.

Originally released in 1965, it was billed as “The picture that could set our space program back at least 50 years.” Voted “The Worst Movie Ever” by Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and just about everyone else), it’s so bad it’s good!

Directed by Bill Rebane (who also brought you 1975’s The Giant Spider Invasion) and Herschell Gordon Lewis (known for his exploitation films and often referred to as the “Godfather of Gore”), Monster A-Go Go was initially released in 1965.

Originally titled Terror at Halfway, the film stars June Travis (the final appearance of the ’30s siren film star, who worked with such stars as Bette Davis, Natalie Wood, Ronald Reagan, Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Lucille Ball and James Cagney), Peter Thompson (who worked with Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mitchum, Spencer Tracy, Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Tony Curtis, Dean Martin, Janet Leigh, Van Johnson, James Mason, Ray Milland, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello and other iconic screen stars, before becoming a recognized character actor in ’50s TV westerns) and Phil Morton (one of just two acting jobs before embarking on a production career that included several years at Saturday Night Live).

Ronald Regan – whom Rebane recalls had a crush on Travis – was on board to co-star, but
was dropped from the film because the investors considered him a “has been.” Why was the movie so bad? Union woes of the ’60s, says the director (who shot the film on location in Chicago), causing the production to shut down and not resume until four years later … with a different director at the helm (Lewis) and some of the original cast unavailable. But despite all obstacles and in grand Hollywood tradition, the show did go on.

In Monster A-Go Go, an astronaut about to be launched into space is being prepped for his galactic voyage with doses of “radiation repellent.” But, unknown to anyone else, the doctor begins utilizing a version of the formula previously tested only on animals. As the mission ends and the space capsule parachutes back to earth, it crash-lands in a nearby field and the astronaut aboard disappears. Is there a connection between the missing man and a monster wreaking havoc in the area?

SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio commentary by director Bill Rebane; two short films not seen since their original theatrical release, Twist Craze (produced as a short subject/added attraction for the 1961 premiere of Frank Capra’s Pocket Full of Miracles at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre and ran a record 11 weeks, before going on to worldwide release) and Dance Craze (1962, released internationally); original theatrical trailer; and a 24-page booklet with a reprint of a 1965 Scary Monsters magazine article about the making of the film (inside the DVD case).

Monster A-Go Go: Special Collector’s Edition is presented in original, full-screen aspect ratio (4 x 3) and original sound (mono).

About Synergy Entertainment:
Synergy Entertainment distributes classic audio, feature film, television, special interest, documentaries and foreign imports – across a wide variety of genres – on CD and DVD and is dedicated to bringing collectors quality entertainment at attractive prices. Based in New York City, the company boasts an extensive library of more than 10,000 hours of feature film, television and other programming. Distribution is via its wholly owned SEI Distribution division.

In 2010, Synergy unveiled the CULTRA label, showcasing the best (and worst) of cult cinema. CULTRA is a cinematic cesspool chuck-full of weird and cartoonish characters, wacky plots, tacky sets and baffling dialog. CULTRA films are surreal, eccentric, controversial, comical and scary but, ultimately, engaging and highly entertaining. These fascinating movies range from buffoonish to brilliant, with directors who are idiosyncratic visionaries and crackpots. They hit their mark anywhere but in the mainstream bull’s eye. Misunderstood and rarely successful at the box office, cult films achieve status through word-of-mouth and underground distribution. So step out of your comfort zone and open your mind to absurd and unpredictable realm of CULTRA.

Visit us online at www.synergyent.com.

Monster A-Go Go: Special Collector’s Edition
Synergy Entertainment
Genre: Sci-fi/Horror/Cult
Original Release: 1965 (B&W) / Bonus Material (B&W and Color)
Not Rated
Format: DVD Only
Running Time: Approx. 70 Minutes (Plus Approx. 50 Minutes Special Features)
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
Pre-Order Date: September 14, 2010
Street Date: October 19, 2010
Catalog #: SYN-302
UPC Code: #874757030296

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