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Limited Edition Cthulhu Statue


Limited Edition Halloween Forevermore Cthulhu Statue Rises From The Depths

Halloween Forevermore is a company known to many Halloween and Horror fans. Formed in 2014, they have released one dozen very popular and well-made wax warmers that appeal to both the seasonal Halloween fan and horror lifestyle enthusiasts. Their Undertaker and Cthulhu wax warmers were featured in Rue Morgue magazine. The company that trick-or-treats 365 nights a year is proud to announce a new limited edition item for fans of Lovecraft and his enduring horror creation, Cthulhu!

Description: H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic “Old One” rises from the ocean and is poised to devour the world! This resin statue is a Halloween Forevermore exclusive product. It stands 12″ tall and has a 10″ base! Its wingspan is an impressive 15″ across. Incredible detail and vibrant colors! Limited run of 150 pieces and then they will disappear beneath the murky depths forever. Add this to your Cthulhu collection before they are sold out. “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”

It is priced at $135.00.

The Halloween Forevermore Cthulhu Statue is available for purchase direct from Amazon!


International customers can grab it at the Halloween Forevermore website!


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